Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day

Did you all wash your faces in May Day Dew today!  I forgot and I cant remember why this is a tradition,  think  its for youthfulness.

Spent a little time in the morning in the garden and then went with my friend to Whiteness to the Car Boot Sale.  Bought some plants and some Lupins which I have now planted.  Tea & Sandwiches and cakes.   Busy.

Cut the grass and sown more seeds.   Been a busy bee.   Its another glorious day - sat out and read the Sunday papers in the garden.  They are all full of the Royal Wedding.

Its Shetland lamb for dinner tonight.   Mind you seeing all the lambs in the field gambolling around makes me go awe aren't they cute - but the taste is tremendous.

Birds are very busy feeding - I am running out of food for them.  Think I have identified as to where the Lark is nesting again this year.   I dont go near the nest but they are very protective and usually land a good distance away from the nest.

After sun cream on - Shetland suntan.

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