Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ooh it has gone cool again!

Its been a busy few weeks.  Just before we went to go south to clear out Mum & Dads house - the word was that Dad could not go in as the Council still had to look at funding him and also re-assess.   Anyway to cut a long story short - whilst visiting Mum on our first day South, Dad had a fall - ended up in A & E and  in Balhousie in Respite Care.  Unfortunately we could not clear out the house fully . I am glad that they have good neighbours and friends keeping a watch over them. My Aunt Euna was a great help.
I took some plants back with me including Mum's, 2 Clematis which were beautiful in her garden so hopefully they will bed in here too.  Weather was mixed whilst we were south - lovely weather, rain, wind, but certainly a lot warmer than it was the last time we were south.  
Things never go smoothly - our overflow pipe in the loft came apart and luckily our neighbour was in feeding Snowy at the time and heard the drip coming through the ceiling in our sitting room.   Quick thinking averted an utter disaster. Awaiting a new ceiling and for the loft insulation to be sorted out.
Not been gardening weather but finally the daffodils are beginning to bloom, as are some other spring flowers.  I went for a walk around the Flower Park this week - gorgeous but they are also late.  Our Wedding Photos 30 years ago were taken in the park with a huge show of Daffodils and Tulips.
Did buy some gardening bits and pieces when I was south including new lights and a string of lights for the fence - they look really lovely. Even took some photos of Huntly and Rhynie.
Planted the bits and pieces from Mums garden.  Bought my Tomato Plant  - Tumbling Tom Red for the Kitchen window.
The seeds planted in the growhouse are popping through and the Garlic has fairly grown.  The Garlic in the pots outside all winter is growing at speed. Need to get more seeds done and plant some flowering bulbs at the weekend if it ever warms up.
The Larks are singing in the hill and I even tripped over a hedgehog in the garden the other night.  (It was dark).    Birds busy at feeders.
The new Camera is trial and error but here are some photos.
 Pot looking good at last
 The Lark (or laverick) comes in to feed too.
 Looking through the trees over the Clickimin Loch
 The Ajax - Victors winning Darts Team.  (Front row at end)
 The Blackbird grubbing for worms.
 My plants in the office.
 The little boat in the noost at Clickimin Loch.
 Garlic & Onions (winter)
 The Flotel for the workers at Total building the new Gas Plant(taken from the boat)
 This is the power Station SBS - Shetland Catch - photo taken from house!
 Snowy - I dont like getting my photo taken!
 Aberdeen Harbour - SEPA Aberdeen Offices
My Daffodils in a pot.
 Huntly Castle
The Gordon Schools Huntly (the original schools)
 The Square in Rhynie with the Tap of Noth in the background
 King George V Flower Park
 Cant remember what this is called but flowers at this time of year
 Mums Clematis in a temporary pot

The King George the V Flower Park.
Chuffed with new camera - operator needs to get better


  1. lovely photo's might be moving to unst

    1. I haven't written my Blog for a while as instead I have been doing a photo type letter to my Mum and Dad who are now both in a home. My Mum just loves getting the photos. I came to Shetland in 1975 and have not looked back. Just love the islands. Shetland has a lot of Community Spirit. You should look on the Promote Shetland and the Shetland Islands Council Website as they give tips on moving to Shetland.