Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Happy New Year!

We had a lovely New Year - thanks to everyone who entertained us.  Back to work again and boy last week was long.   Better now. Although the weekend is always too short.

Been out in the garden doing bits and pieces but it is very bare.  Definitely signs of life and buds.  Finally got my winter onions and garlic planted - 2 dryish days.  Just put them in pots outside the back door and covered in fleece when it is frosty.  Fingers crossed.  Also cleaned out the composting bin as it was getting a bit full.     Put the compost on the Potato patch.   

Snowy is managing to behave himself just now - thanks to every one who asks.   It seems he got a bit of a scare when attacked by the Otter or vice versa.   He is a bit wary at times and others he is back to his old self. Notice he does not go very far in a morning.   I bought him some soft toy balls to play with for Christmas and they are all over the house - he loves them. 

Weather mixed, its very dull today but going to go for a walk soon whilst it is dry.   Been walking all week and the scales say I have lost a couple of pounds.  I put on weight during Xmas & New Year.  Still off the fags and need to stop eating so much now.   Starlings busy feeding in the garden and the Robin appears every so often as does the Blackbird.  Had to move the feeders to the fence as it is so wet in the corner - think the rumble drain is not working.

We went out to watch the Scalloway Fire Festival on Friday night - what a lovely day they got.  The Jarl Squad looked fantastic - its been a few years since I went out to see this one.   Remember we went out to see the Galley burning at the Tall Ships.   Some photos - closer this time.

Bought Peas and Nasturtium seeds yesterday.   Was looking at Potatoes in the Marshall Catalogue last night. 

Some photos from the past couple of weeks

 New Year At Kevin & Ednas
 A very bare garden

 Snowy in the warmest place in the house  - he sleeps here at times
 Maurice Mullay - Scalloway Up Helly Aa
 John Young - Scalloway Up Helly Aa
 Torches being thrown into the Galley
 In full burn
  In the water - burning beautifully