Sunday, 24 July 2011

Its still blowing a gale - cold & raining but its the Tall Ships

We are having a brilliant time at the Tall Ships.  Weather is terrible but layers of clothing and a spirit or two as well as a Shetland hardiness to get on with it!.

What a spectacle the Tall Ships are - meeting new and old friends, listening to great music, ikki (thats Snowy walking over the laptop), food and drink!.   My legs and feet are aching but what the heck - all next week to rest and recuperate.

Snowy in the wars again and at the vet yesterday!  Still a bit sore today, but this time on his territory.  He was also in a fight on Wednesday so he has not had a good week.   Still manages to waken one of us at 7 am to get fed.  He is a man of habit and cant wait or even think of a long lie!

Note no gardening been done - not been weather - just rescuing the pots and deadheading flowers.  

Its also a sad time for everyone due to the tragedy in Norway.   Our hearts go out to all those familes that have been affected by the recent events in Oslo.

Some photos!

 The Swan coming in from Yell Cruise in Company

 Crew Parade
 The Colombians were very smart and slick!

 Me with 4 or 5 layers on - very windswept!

 Juanita, Lutz & Elaine on board the Europa
 Victor, Juanita & Lutz on board the Europa

 Rock Salt & Nails - what a brilliant set last night!
Bjorn Again on the big screen!

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