Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weather changed

5 July 2011

A lovely day on Monday which has graduated down to a cool windy night tonight - was thick fog earlier on.

Did not get anything in the Garden Competition but my neighbour Irene did - OAP Best Garden - fair chuffed for her.  I keep forgetting she is a Senior Citizen.

Eventually brightened up to a warm afternoon on Sunday and painted my garden seat and weeded the glass ( yes the glass).  I have glass chippings laid at the back.   Not sure if I would recommend them or not - they are easier to weed than stones but I do have to watch and not drop earth on the area.  Usually lift every 2 to 3 years and riddle out - but just keep weeding this year.  I have a double layer of black ground cover underneath too.   Mind you feeding the birds nearby does not help either.

Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions, carrotts, strawberries and raspberries all doing nicely now.   Even the spring onions, lettuce and peas are now showing signs of growth.   Very slow this year.

Grass needs cutting again and I need to start thinning out my seeds in pots - some seem to be very successful others not so good.

Some new photos:
    Lily or stinking lily and Red Hot Pokers at side of house - they are quite startling.   Having problems uploading tonight so will try another time!  

Glass of wine and it will soon be bedtime again!

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