Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blogger: Ellie's Garden - Edit post

Still having problems posting photos.   I am going to probably move my Blog and find a new way of doing things.   Been quiet in the garden as I have been ill with a Chest Infection.   Everything is growing well.   Vegetables have shot up especially the Pak Choi.

Cut the grass and tidied the leaves on the daffodils.   I have bought a few new pots that I am going to hang on the fence and plant up with the rest of the seedlings I still have in the grow house.  It has been so cold at times and then a warm day then back to cool.  Today was nice at times.

I will post photos on Facebook instead if you want to follow me on their.  This will be in the interim.

Snowy doing okay seems to be managingto keep out of mischief.   Loves the nice weather.  He was lovely when I was ill - kept me cosy and cuddled.


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