Sunday, 23 June 2013

Last Post

This is going to be my last post.  I have not posted here since April and I seem to be instead posting on Facebook.  A lot has been happening. 

Been busy in the garden and still not got all my seeds planted out.  Everything is so late this year.  The Tulips are just finishing flowering and although Shetland is usually later than the mainland of Scotland we were even later this  year.  The weather came warm but it was too early to plant out and when it was time to plant out it was too cold!  I have planted several bags of Tatties - 2 rows of peas, Onions, Shallots and Garlic (summer) and also beetroot.  I have a Raspberry Cane and a Gojinberry too.(they are in pots).  The over wintering Onions Shallots and Garlic have all done well and will soon be ready for harvesting.
Some of my pots of bulbs were not very good this year so have been consigned to a little area behind the fuschia bush.   Threw in 2 packets of wild seeds in that area too so will see what happens.   Its a bit that is next to the vegetable plot.   Have planted lots of pots and bought lots of plants from retailers and from Plant Sales.
Some Photos from April to June


 Tatties a bit better than this now - earthed up -  had a bit of rain so that has given them a new lease of sprouting.
 Note the difference a month makes in the pots of shallots and onions and Garlic - these are the winter ones.

 Sweet Peas

 Sea Pinks growing in the wall at Sumburgh Head
 This was a photo taken at the  International Market - brightened up the street.  Did buy some plants but was careful as some will not grow in Shetland.  ThePlants and bulbs were from Holland.  Got 3 Amaryllis which are already sprouting in pots.

 2 Baby Herring Gulls - born last week
 The Yachts in the harbour with the Accommodation Barge in the background.
Snowy watching a Nature programme.
My parents are doing well.   Hoping to go and see them next month for a few days.
Thnks to all my followers and if you are a friend on Facebook or you wish to follow my garden please request me as your friend wherever you are in the world.   I post generally on Facebook and a couple of Garden Sites.
I bid you farewell on the Blog!

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