Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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Still having problems posting photos.   I am going to probably move my Blog and find a new way of doing things.   Been quiet in the garden as I have been ill with a Chest Infection.   Everything is growing well.   Vegetables have shot up especially the Pak Choi.

Cut the grass and tidied the leaves on the daffodils.   I have bought a few new pots that I am going to hang on the fence and plant up with the rest of the seedlings I still have in the grow house.  It has been so cold at times and then a warm day then back to cool.  Today was nice at times.

I will post photos on Facebook instead if you want to follow me on their.  This will be in the interim.

Snowy doing okay seems to be managingto keep out of mischief.   Loves the nice weather.  He was lovely when I was ill - kept me cosy and cuddled.


Hello - Its been a while

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our Trip Away

We have just had a lovely few days in Huntly and Aberdeen celebrating our birthdays.   Did lots of shopping we both went to the Aberdeen Maritime Museum - fascinating and very interesting.   Victor also went to the Gordon Highlanders Museum and enjoyed that too.   We spent time with my parents in Huntly and had a lovely Birthday with them.  Erik and Carol came up to Aberdeen and we had a lovely night out.

The highlight was seeing the Olympic Flame at the Castlegate - it was a wonderful evening and well done all those who made the effort.

The garden has sprouted in six days.  Spent some time this morning but it is fairly cool out and then it rained.   The seeds in the grow house are ready for transplanting.   Looking to get that done in the next few days.   

I am still having problems posting photographs and cannot seem to find a solution to the problem which is a shame. 

Vegetables seem to have taken off and I will need to top up the potatoes with some earth.   The Cabbages & Peas are looking good.

Lots of baby Sparrows and today some Starlings too - they are noisy. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Problems with Posting

Having a huge problem with posting and with the Blogger - anyone got any tips

Photographs - try and try again

Cant seem to get any photographs uploaded to Blog - no idea why.   The birds are busily feeding themselves and their young - lots of young sparrows.  

Monday, 4 June 2012

Part 2 of Been in the Garden

Try Try again this is the 4th time.  Seems to be when I add photos - if anyone can help let me know     Went to the Classic Motor Show this weekend - excellent well done to the organisers.  Snowy a bit clingy =- seems to know we are off for a few days.

Been Busy in the Garden

Did a whole Blog and for some reason nothing posted grrrr - so now it is going to be shorter.   Been busy weeding, grass cutting and planting over the last week.   All the vegetables have popped through so delighted - looking good.   The strawberries have settled down in their new planter and are looking fantastic.  Most of the seeds are popped through and the seeds in the growhouse are coming along