Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gales & Rain - its dark dark dark!

I realise that I had written that I was potting up Arum Lilies when it was Amarylis that I had repotted. They are already growing rapidly. Not been much weather for garden - last weekend was mild and finally emptied the last bag of potatoes King Edwards and they were not very large or a lot of them.  Bit disappointed - it looks like the Rooster Potatoes won hands down this year. Still the Foxgloves are flowering and some Marigolds - hardy soles in this rain and gales. Still lots of Blackbirds around Clickimin Loch.    There is a Robin around here.

I bought a bag of Roosters from the Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago.  

Went to Orkney last week, stayed at the Ayre Hotel - food and room excellent. This week had a deep cold so spent a couple of days in bed.    Feeling fine now but still coughing - mind you that could be the result of no smoking that is making me cough.  There are still times when I could go back to smoking but it I just keep on with the old willpower!

Snowy fine now and the hair growing back where he was shaved.  Now his claws are also growing - been scratch free now for a while.  He is currently trying to cuddle me and standing on the computer.

Off south tomorrow to see my folks and do some shopping.   Got a few bits and pieces of Xmas Shopping to do. Have a eeting in Aberdeen so its nice to be able to tie everything in together.

 A sleepy Snowy
 My bed at the Ayre Hotel - it was huge and comfortable!
 Kirkwall - the Peerie Sea
 A new bed in the Laundry Basket
Highish tide today at lunchtime.  - Too dark to take photos!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Weather keeps a changing

Well that was a nice weekend - managed to get some gardening done, tidying up, repotted my Arum Lilies, emptied out pots, moved pots, cleaned the path - but need to give it a further clean.   Still some marigolds flowering and I spotted a nasturtum flowering yesterday through the gloom.   Its dark in the morning and its dark at night, yeuch. The greenhouse is definitely a bin job. Some of my bulbs seem to think it is time to come through too.

An update on Snowy - he is fine now after his big fight last Monday - still a bit jittery when he first goes out.  The vet thinks he was attacked by an Otter - yes even at the top of the hill,  could have been coming from Clickimin.   He spent last Monday night at Bixter  at the Vets and then had to be sedated so that they could clean his wounds.   Well done to them as he was in such a mess.   He stayed really close to me when I was out and about in the garden at the weekend.   Wonder how many lives he has left - still the same loving boy.

Went out to Tingwall Market on Saturday and got some Xmas bits and pieces.   Packed up parcel for Canada yesterday now need to get it to the Post Office.  This weekend it is the Craft & Food Fare at Clickimin so I will spend some time their too. Its also Remembrance Sunday so will be at the Cenotaph.

We had a beautiful sunrise on Monday and sunset as well.   

Some last photos probably!

 Tomatoes inside and my inside petunia grown in a can.
 Snowy and his wounds

He also had his claws cut so that prevents him from scratching - also my legs have no claw marks this week!
Tingwall on Saturday.