Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gales & Rain - its dark dark dark!

I realise that I had written that I was potting up Arum Lilies when it was Amarylis that I had repotted. They are already growing rapidly. Not been much weather for garden - last weekend was mild and finally emptied the last bag of potatoes King Edwards and they were not very large or a lot of them.  Bit disappointed - it looks like the Rooster Potatoes won hands down this year. Still the Foxgloves are flowering and some Marigolds - hardy soles in this rain and gales. Still lots of Blackbirds around Clickimin Loch.    There is a Robin around here.

I bought a bag of Roosters from the Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago.  

Went to Orkney last week, stayed at the Ayre Hotel - food and room excellent. This week had a deep cold so spent a couple of days in bed.    Feeling fine now but still coughing - mind you that could be the result of no smoking that is making me cough.  There are still times when I could go back to smoking but it I just keep on with the old willpower!

Snowy fine now and the hair growing back where he was shaved.  Now his claws are also growing - been scratch free now for a while.  He is currently trying to cuddle me and standing on the computer.

Off south tomorrow to see my folks and do some shopping.   Got a few bits and pieces of Xmas Shopping to do. Have a eeting in Aberdeen so its nice to be able to tie everything in together.

 A sleepy Snowy
 My bed at the Ayre Hotel - it was huge and comfortable!
 Kirkwall - the Peerie Sea
 A new bed in the Laundry Basket
Highish tide today at lunchtime.  - Too dark to take photos!

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