Friday, 5 April 2013

Lovely spell of weather

Since I last wrote there has been a whole lot of stuff happening.  Victor and I were South seeing Mum and Dad.  It was extremely cold and a fair bit of snow.   I don't think I have been south for a while when it has been so cold. Aberdeenshire & Aberdeen have had lots of snow and a cold winter.  Unfortunately my hands seemed to be in my pockets all the time and I did not take any Photos.   We had a long journey back to Shetland as the boat could not get in to Aberdeen Harbour due to the Easterly winds.  Finally got on Board at 11:30 pm - Saturday night and arrived in Shetland at 3pm on the Sunday.  The journey was fine as far as we were concerned but tiring.  Surprisingly we came up the other side of Fair Isle and were very close so I did take some photos - it was covered in snow.  Home in Shetland there was none.

Mum is doing fine and since we were south Dad is also going into the home so we are off shortly to move and empty the house - that is going to be probably sad and happy too as I know that they are both being cared for.

Easter weekend brought the most beautiful weather.  So tempting to just plant but  past has taught me to be patient.   Tonight it is freezing!

I did however, plant out my Wallflower and Sweet William from the Growhouse and also put some summer bulbs in the ground.  The earth is so dry had to water in.   We have had some rain today so that will help the earth.  I also took the chance and have sown some seeds in the growhouse - covered in fleece of course.  Will set my tatties to chit this weekend indoors as I like to plant them at the end of April.   Spring flowers are very slow this year even with the good weather.  I have given the garden a bit of a tidy emptying pots and clearing some dried material away into the compost bin - its full again.    I also fed the ground again so hopefully the rain will help with the feeding process.   Please to see that my black Hellebore is also flowering.

The following pictures were taken with my small camera.  Today I got a new camera - it was a good deal a Fujifinepix SLR so will have to practice a bit in the use of it and remember to sling it around my neck on my walks etc. Saw my first Bumble Bee on Wednesday and heard the Lark on Monday 1 April.  The blackbirds are busy feeding in the garden.

 Passing Fair Isle
 Sumburgh Head


 Bressay Lighthouse
 New houses being built up past Hoofields - near to the Shetland Marts
Snowy with his new fleece blanket - a Christmas Present from Canada much appreciated!
Looking from the North Ness across to the Power Station - such a lovely sky
Outside the Shetland Museum

 The new flotel for the workmen at Total the new Gas Plant at Sullom Voe.
 A duck that lives in the peerie dock
 The King George the V Gardens - love the crocuses under the trees.
 Only Daffodils in flower in the corner.  In 1983 on the 22nd April we had our wedding photos taken in the park with everything in full bloom.  I intend to visit and take photos on the same day.  It is our 30th wedding anniversary.
 A frog in the ditching beside the path at Clickimin Loch - lots of frog spawn
 Primroses in my garden
 A very bare garden but lots of signs of life
This pot is better  - the crocuses are now all blooming.
I am going to attempt a blog on a fortnightly basis and be more consistent buts its difficult when busy in the garden but fingers crossed.
Have a lovely weekend

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