Friday, 29 July 2011

Still no sunshine but been in garden!

Had a faaaaaantastic time at the Tall Ships despite the weather.   Thanks to all those who worked hard behind the scenes and in front of house to put on a brilliant weekend.   There are too many to thank individually or as groups but you are all Heros, and I even mean those who were perhaps working, caring, office or whatever - every one plays a part.

On Monday we went to the Knab and watched the Ships leaving which was very sad.   The wind brought a tear to my eye!    On Tuesday we went for a drive to Sumburgh Head to see the Puffins and to Scatness.  Scatness is amazing - I had not visited before and had not realised how big it is. I had read the articles in the Shetland Times but wow.  At Sumburgh Head the Swifts were flying over us catching flys, Wheatears diving around feeding young and the Puffins as ever so cute.  Lots of Maalies still fledging.  They seem to be the only success this year as other species, Puffins, Arctic Terns and even Herring Gulls not having a good season chick wise.     The Herring Gulls that usually breed in the hill and in the rooftops opposite my office only one baby has survived.   Mind you I think that was the one that was pleepsing ( Their call for those of you who dont know it) on the top of my roof all day yesterday!

On Wednesday I cut back my big New Zealand/Australian Daisy as it had rust/spores on it - had to dump and not compost.   Did a little bit of weeding for half an hour yesterday and today cut grass and again weeding and tidying.   I have so far 6 tomatoes in the greenhouse but plenty of flowers and keeping my fingers crossed for more tomatoes.

Peas growing at last - garlic, onions, potatoes and carrots looking good.   By September I will start harvesting and that is when the proof is in the pudding so to speak.  I dont mind actually but it is always rewarding when you have a good crop.   Ate 2 strawberries too!

Snowy is getting better - few scabs - keeps itching them - was in another fight today with a different cat in his own territory.  Victor keeps calling him Buster - I think he is still a Snowy!.

Some Photos from the past week

 The Big TV Truck - wow - Victor was enamoured
 Smirk - Pete Stack & The Rayburns - what an ending to a perfect Tall Ships - well nearly if the weather had been a bit warmer.
 The Gloria - what a display as they left the harbour
 Me sitting on the Knab watching the ships - still wrapped up!
 Lots of Tall Ships getting ready to go to Stavanger
 Just popped out!
 Snowy has decided that the Bird Bath - which does not hold water anymore is a nice place to sit.  At the right is where the big daisy is  - which I have had to cut back.
3 of my tomatoes!
 A red geum, I also have an orange one which flowers earlier.
 Campanula - it spreads rapidly
 Second flourish of Bergenia
A lovely little dianthus /carnation.

Its back to work on Monday.  Victor had a call out for today and agreed to work all weekend.  Hopefully be nice tomorrow to get in to the garden.  I have lots to cut back and weeding to do.  Bought some more alpines today!  I tend to just stick them in pots and not in grit or stone.   I have about 4 pots like this so looking to set aside an area in which I make a proper alpine area next year - might even get a trough and do it that way. 

The Tall Ships are already in Stavanger and they were having their Crew Parade today - it seems to have gone past too quickly!

Time to go to bed!
Night Elaine xxxx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Its still blowing a gale - cold & raining but its the Tall Ships

We are having a brilliant time at the Tall Ships.  Weather is terrible but layers of clothing and a spirit or two as well as a Shetland hardiness to get on with it!.

What a spectacle the Tall Ships are - meeting new and old friends, listening to great music, ikki (thats Snowy walking over the laptop), food and drink!.   My legs and feet are aching but what the heck - all next week to rest and recuperate.

Snowy in the wars again and at the vet yesterday!  Still a bit sore today, but this time on his territory.  He was also in a fight on Wednesday so he has not had a good week.   Still manages to waken one of us at 7 am to get fed.  He is a man of habit and cant wait or even think of a long lie!

Note no gardening been done - not been weather - just rescuing the pots and deadheading flowers.  

Its also a sad time for everyone due to the tragedy in Norway.   Our hearts go out to all those familes that have been affected by the recent events in Oslo.

Some photos!

 The Swan coming in from Yell Cruise in Company

 Crew Parade
 The Colombians were very smart and slick!

 Me with 4 or 5 layers on - very windswept!

 Juanita, Lutz & Elaine on board the Europa
 Victor, Juanita & Lutz on board the Europa

 Rock Salt & Nails - what a brilliant set last night!
Bjorn Again on the big screen!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Oh for some better weather!

Weekend was so wet we didn't do anything.  Had a wonderful evening at the 2016 Jarl Squad night - good fun.   Sunday feeling a bit tired and it was so miserable we did not bother going to Scalloway.  It came a better afternoon yesterday so went out to Scalloway Museum, excellent and last night we went to the Fire Festival it was really good - met lots of folk but my pictures were rubbish - not close enough.

Today we went and got our wristbands for the concerts at the weekend and had a wander around the harbour - this is before the Tall Ships arrive - only 2 had arrived when we were at the pier.   All the visiting yachts will have to be moved to various pontoons.

 Completely flowered now and the lower flowers beginning to die off - I will need to check and see care and maintenance of this bulb over the winter as I have been rather proud of it.
 The Galley that was burnt last night at Scalloway - the torches were thrown into it and it was launched into the sea.  I was not close enough nor had a good camera to get any good shots of the burning.
 The Esprit - Tall ship in Scalloway port but notice the rainbow reflected in the water - I like this one - didnt realise I had got the rainbow and I was driving!
 The procession - too many folk to get pictures.
 The Marco Polo in Lerwick Harbour today
 The first Tall Ship in Lerwick the Auno
 The Marina Cruise Ship in Lerwick today
 Yachts in the small boat harbour
The new temporary pontoon for visiting yachts.

To anyone who is not in Shetland remember and check out the Shetland Webcams on the Visit Shetland Website and the Tall Ships website for updates if you are interested.

I will say goodbye until probably Monday now - and then again I might get time to upload some photos over the weekend.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Holidays Woo Hoo! Tall Ships Yee Ha!

As you can see from the header I am excited that I am on holiday.  Cant wait for the Tall Ships.  Its going to be a hectic week.   Victor is in the Jarl Squad in 2016 so the boys are meeting tonight and tomorrow and there is a buffet and dance with wives and partners tomorrow night so really looking forward to that.

Hoping to go to Scalloway Gala and of course up to Yell and Unst.   The First of the Tall Ships in the Cruise in Company are due to arrive on Monday. Scalloway, Cullivoe, Baltasound & Symbister are all host ports. There is lots on throughout the whole of Shetland in fact its a case of planning what we would really like to go to.   There wont be much gardening done next week - except if the sun is shining enjoying with a cup of tea. The Tall Ships should all be in Lerwick by Thursday Lunchtime.   There is a website on the Tall Ships and if anyone wishes check out the Harbour webcams as you will see the ships with them.   Lots of Shetlanders are home too.   Mets some from Australia this week. We are going to see the Levellers and Bjorn Again but there is music all day from 11 am to Midnight. It will be a very sociable occasion - thats what Shetland is all about.

Planted some alpines in a pot this week and also a Helleborus.   Its a black one.   Earthed up my potatoes and boy are they growing.   Tomatoes have taken off lots of flowers and some tomatoes.

Snowy back to normal self again - but was ill last night - we think it was just a sore stomach.  I had bought a different Whiskas in jelly which he didn't seem to like ( Cats Protection will get the rest) either that or it was a furball or a bird he had eaten.  Been running around the garden tonight.  

Its been a lovely couple of days although rain last night.  Weeds growing again. I go out for a couple of minutes and half an hour later I come back in - continually deadheading.

Grr - my first attempt at this blog failed and my photos would not upload!!!!

 Maersk going out of harbour passing the Cruise Liner Europa.   Had a superb webcam on board the Europa - lovely views of Lerwick and Bressay from different angles.

 My Scilla Peruvian is slowly blooming - just a few flowers to open.  I have it outside the back door and it is the first to greet me in the morning.   Just so proud of it.
 My pinks seem to be rampaging.
 Potatoes - looking very healthy.
My tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Snowy flaked out on the back of the couch.  Me thinks a glass of wine is in order shortly before bed.  Nearly 4 weeks since I gave up smoking.

Bi for now

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Snowy and Rain!

Snowy has been having a time of it.   He caught a starling on Thursday night which he promptly killed and then played with.  Victor disposed of it.  Then he went out again and got into a fight with someone - came in covered in coal dust, closed eye, bloodied leg and 4 - 6 claw marks.  Took him to the vets on Friday night for an antibiotic injection.  Still feeling a bit sorry for himself and not his usual bouncy, chatty boy.

No gardening today - wet but very humid.   Did put a washing out but no drought. Been very heavy rain overnight and thunder and lightening! Tomatoes are growing at speed even got some fruits so quite delighted.

Having problems again trying to add photos - here goes - this is my Scilla Peruvian - in fact today there is more flowers out so will take a photo when all the flowers are in bloom - it is beautiful.

 The crow - tightrope walking along the fence to get the bird ball - he did get some of it!
 My foxgloves they seem to be everywhere in the garden this year.
 My hedgehog on Friday night feeding under the bird feeder.
 Daisy Daisy
 Foxglove support in the fuschia bush
My rosa rogossa!

Better go now as Causlty is coming on - not won a penny on the Lotto or Euromillions but got £5 in the Thunderball - oh well have to keep dreaming! 

Dont think the weather is going to be much better tomorrow - I cut the grass on Thursday - it will be growing again!

Have a lovely weekend all!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weather changed

5 July 2011

A lovely day on Monday which has graduated down to a cool windy night tonight - was thick fog earlier on.

Did not get anything in the Garden Competition but my neighbour Irene did - OAP Best Garden - fair chuffed for her.  I keep forgetting she is a Senior Citizen.

Eventually brightened up to a warm afternoon on Sunday and painted my garden seat and weeded the glass ( yes the glass).  I have glass chippings laid at the back.   Not sure if I would recommend them or not - they are easier to weed than stones but I do have to watch and not drop earth on the area.  Usually lift every 2 to 3 years and riddle out - but just keep weeding this year.  I have a double layer of black ground cover underneath too.   Mind you feeding the birds nearby does not help either.

Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions, carrotts, strawberries and raspberries all doing nicely now.   Even the spring onions, lettuce and peas are now showing signs of growth.   Very slow this year.

Grass needs cutting again and I need to start thinning out my seeds in pots - some seem to be very successful others not so good.

Some new photos:
    Lily or stinking lily and Red Hot Pokers at side of house - they are quite startling.   Having problems uploading tonight so will try another time!  

Glass of wine and it will soon be bedtime again!