Friday, 15 July 2011

Holidays Woo Hoo! Tall Ships Yee Ha!

As you can see from the header I am excited that I am on holiday.  Cant wait for the Tall Ships.  Its going to be a hectic week.   Victor is in the Jarl Squad in 2016 so the boys are meeting tonight and tomorrow and there is a buffet and dance with wives and partners tomorrow night so really looking forward to that.

Hoping to go to Scalloway Gala and of course up to Yell and Unst.   The First of the Tall Ships in the Cruise in Company are due to arrive on Monday. Scalloway, Cullivoe, Baltasound & Symbister are all host ports. There is lots on throughout the whole of Shetland in fact its a case of planning what we would really like to go to.   There wont be much gardening done next week - except if the sun is shining enjoying with a cup of tea. The Tall Ships should all be in Lerwick by Thursday Lunchtime.   There is a website on the Tall Ships and if anyone wishes check out the Harbour webcams as you will see the ships with them.   Lots of Shetlanders are home too.   Mets some from Australia this week. We are going to see the Levellers and Bjorn Again but there is music all day from 11 am to Midnight. It will be a very sociable occasion - thats what Shetland is all about.

Planted some alpines in a pot this week and also a Helleborus.   Its a black one.   Earthed up my potatoes and boy are they growing.   Tomatoes have taken off lots of flowers and some tomatoes.

Snowy back to normal self again - but was ill last night - we think it was just a sore stomach.  I had bought a different Whiskas in jelly which he didn't seem to like ( Cats Protection will get the rest) either that or it was a furball or a bird he had eaten.  Been running around the garden tonight.  

Its been a lovely couple of days although rain last night.  Weeds growing again. I go out for a couple of minutes and half an hour later I come back in - continually deadheading.

Grr - my first attempt at this blog failed and my photos would not upload!!!!

 Maersk going out of harbour passing the Cruise Liner Europa.   Had a superb webcam on board the Europa - lovely views of Lerwick and Bressay from different angles.

 My Scilla Peruvian is slowly blooming - just a few flowers to open.  I have it outside the back door and it is the first to greet me in the morning.   Just so proud of it.
 My pinks seem to be rampaging.
 Potatoes - looking very healthy.
My tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Snowy flaked out on the back of the couch.  Me thinks a glass of wine is in order shortly before bed.  Nearly 4 weeks since I gave up smoking.

Bi for now

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