Sunday, 25 September 2011

36 Years today

It is 36 years today since I first came to Shetland to work as a waitress at the Sumburgh Hotel.  Wow!  Cant remember what the weather was like but it was the first time I had ever flown.   The Sumburgh Hotel had just been taken over by Luigi Stucci ( who I met in Aberdeen earlier this year).   I made some fantistic friends at Sumburgh - one in particular who I still keep in touch with.

Been in the garden yesterday and today - fine weather for a change - dug up a row of Sante and emptied a bag of Sante and they were a lot better than the bag I emptied last week.  At least a good few pots of tatties.   Even picked some peas today - garlic and onions.  Planted some bulbs in amongst my winter bedding plants as seen on the Beechgrove Garden. Did some weeding - did think to cut the grass one last time but it was a bit wet.  Tied up the Gladiolis and the Hollyhocks and Foxgloves.  I seem to have Foxgloves all over the garden this year and they have all been different colours.  I need to check what seeds I have that can be sown now.  I have sown my wallflower and Sweet William.

I noticed also that the poppies  I cut back earlier in the summer are putting on a second growth of flowers - wonder if they will survive and flower.   My begonias, sedum and dahlias coming into bloom and colouring nicely. 

Went to Sandwick this afternoon to a Car Boot in the Shed at Broonies Taing.  Managed to buy some plants and bannocks.   My friend got some bits and pieces to collect.   It was a good Car Boot with lots of new as well as old stuff - loads of folk, some I had not seen for a while.

Snowy sitting practically on top of the laptop!   Think he wants some attention.  He has been out nearly all day today - running about the garden - frightening the birds as usual.   Should be tired out now - might give me a longer lie in the morning.  

Bought a new mattress yesterday so that is to be delivered on Tuesday.   The walking has gone well this weekend as the weather has been so good.   Been the whole way around the loch.

Some photos - mainly of Snowy

 Sleepy Boy
 I am the King as I have Dads seat!
 Sante Potatoes grown in bag
 My Sedum beginning to colour up.
 Snowy cuddles for mum
 Sante Potatoes grown in ground - some garlic and an onion
 Young Oystercatccher at Clickimin Loch yesterday
Sleeping on Dad's knee  - it 's not very comfortable!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Couple of nice September days

The walking is going well and now walking a 1 mile and a half most days - ankle holding out quite well considering.  I am now on the lowest of patches for no smoking and going to try and wean myself off the chewing gum.

Saturday started off nice but rained at lunchtime but Sunday was a lovely day - spent the morning in the garden potting up bedding plants, tying up plants and I even dug up one of my bags of Potatoes but I was disappointed with the size and the yield.  I tried growing these before and did not have a good yield.   Had some with Sunday lunch boiled and they were tasty.    Only one shallot survived.   Onions looking not to bad, Peas actually swelling in pods, carrots some good, spring onions not bad, neeps - slugs got to them, garlic cropping well, red onions dont think they will come to much and my tomatoes - wonder if they will ever ripen.  The one in the kitchen was beautiful but on cutting it open it had rotted - have a few more yet to ripen.  The little vine ones in the greenhouse have been okay but the plant is too large.

This is when I start thinking ahead to next summer and what I am going to grow - giving up on tomatoes or see if I can grow dwarf species.  Probably wont bother with neeps next year either. 

Had a wander around the Ideal Home Exhibition on Sunday afternoon - I was impressed with the Shetland Bed and the Shetland Wool Carpet.

Looking forward to some time off next week.   Will get more done in the garden if the weather is any good.   Its fairly getting cooler and dark evenings which I hate.

Today the Lerwick Port Authority were taking away the pontoons - definetly the last of summer.  The harbour always looks empty. Some pictures.  I repotted my laburnum using the old potato mould.

 Tomato Roma unfortunately it was rotten
 Potatoes Sante - bit of a poor crop and very small
 Winter bedding plant
 Still some Summer colour - emptied out some of my pots that had gone past it.
 Seeds in greenhouse -flowering
 The vine tomatoes which have been tasty but very few of them
 This is a thistle like plant but is yellow - I think it is a weed anyone help?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Walking off the excess.

All this no smoking - I am eating too much and putting on weight so decided as gardening is nearly over for the year to start getting into a bit of walking. Had a walk around the pier and then after work a walk around Clickimin Loch. Need to start and pace myself otherwise my ankle will just get sore and I will be limping.  Then I did do some bits and pieces in the garden, tied my sedum up and picked a posy of flowers for the house. 

There was a lovely boat in the harbour today as well as the Statsrad Lemkuhl.   Tomatoes are actually beginning to fruit!  I need to take a photo of my plant in the house.  I counted 10 tomatoes in the greenhouse.   I now have 8 in the kitchen.

 Although it has been a bad summer it is always kinda sad when the last of the boats come in and leave.  Today the Port Authority were beginning to dismantle the Pontoons and walkways opposite my window.
 The lupin I bought at Whiteness & Weisdale earlier in the year.
 My lily
Outside the back door.
Better go and do some washing.  The Hurricane Katia seemed to miss us but other parts of Scotland and Northern England were affected.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Dark Nights

Last Sunday was a most gorgeous day although I had a very demanding cat who cried most of the morning because he could not get out and hated his collar.   On Monday night we took off the collar and the wound has healed well  .  He has been running around all week.  No fights so far this week.  

I spent a little time in the garden last Sunday but decided to enjoy the sun instead and sat out.  Through the week I have cut the grass and been deadheading.  Today has been a nice day but breezy.   Tidied up and put new earth and bonemeal in my bulb pots.  Potted up 5 new pot of bulbs and used the layering technique.  I have done that in the past but was reminded again when it was on the Beechgrove Garden the other night.  Tomatoes coming into their own - I have one large one in the kitchen which is starting to turn red but I can see another 6.  Cut back a lot of the leaves.   Been also putting the strawberry runners into pots.  My strawberries have not done well this year at all.   Had a few but in no great numbers.  My Peas at last have taken off and are looking good - even tasted one on Thursday.

The Potatoes feel as though they may be ready for picking so I will do that perhaps through the week and let everyone know if I have any decent yields.  I loosened the onions today - and some of the garlic. 

Been cutting Sweet Peas nearly every day as well as Marigolds.

We were at the Blues Festival last night at the Legion - what a brilliant night.  Some photos from the last week.

 The last of the large cuise ships on Thursday - The Discovery was in on Friday at Holmsgarth and the Statsraad Lemkhul due I think tomorrow.
 A Herring Gull feeding on a starfish - I watched it catch it and eat it.
 Swedish Fishermen gutting fish on the deck.
 The Blues Festival - Jam session at the end of the night with all the bands - it was brill!!
 I had a walk around the Clickimin Loch this afternoon and took this photo.  The Ward Hill, Bressay in the background.  Decided to do some walking and try and take the weight off.  I went to the OUtdoor Bowls last Sunday but have had a sore knee since.   Might try the indoor bowls next week.
A seal popping its head above water.

Hurricane Katia is due to hit us at the beginning of the weeks so its batten down the hatches.


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Miserable day again!

My theme seems to be always the weather!  I was hoping to get some gardening done but that is unlikely.  Have bought some bulbs though for planting later in the month.   Some photos of whats happening in the garden.

Snowy is not a happy boy just had 2 injections and a collar put on round his neck to stop him licking his bite.   We have to give him tablets twice a day and keep him in probably for the next 24 to 48 hours -  that will mean no sleep. A disgruntled boy - laughing inside as he is quite comical but also feeling for him.  He is managing to eat his food.

Saxafrigga in bloom.

Pot of Godetia

I like this pot - new light in middle.

Large mushroom - and I have seen a brown one today.

My one and only tomato in the house !!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photos - try again and a bit of a yarn.

 The Lodberries
 Dim Riv
 SWRI Show
 SWRI Show -
 SWRI Show - what beautiful handwork - some is so delicate and fine.

 Lovely Flowers - and at this point the battery went dead on the camera and I had no clue as to how to change it - I know now!
 Snowy who is not a very well boy today - I see now why he was not lively this morning he has a big wound on his side which he has been licking - it looks rather sore - it may be the vets tomorrow! 

The garden at Weisdale at the Church which the Beechgrove Garden helped the community with.

Its been a nice day today - cool,dull but dry.  The Statsrad Lemkuhl is in port with  Naval trainees this time.   Interesting watching them do an exercise where someone has slipped of the rigging and is left hanging.  They rescued said person and lowered them on to the floor below. I felt sorry for the poor soul that was hanging around.

Wish we could get more sunshine for my Tomatoes to ripen. Feeding again.  They take a lot of looking after.
Better get the tea dished up