Sunday, 25 September 2011

36 Years today

It is 36 years today since I first came to Shetland to work as a waitress at the Sumburgh Hotel.  Wow!  Cant remember what the weather was like but it was the first time I had ever flown.   The Sumburgh Hotel had just been taken over by Luigi Stucci ( who I met in Aberdeen earlier this year).   I made some fantistic friends at Sumburgh - one in particular who I still keep in touch with.

Been in the garden yesterday and today - fine weather for a change - dug up a row of Sante and emptied a bag of Sante and they were a lot better than the bag I emptied last week.  At least a good few pots of tatties.   Even picked some peas today - garlic and onions.  Planted some bulbs in amongst my winter bedding plants as seen on the Beechgrove Garden. Did some weeding - did think to cut the grass one last time but it was a bit wet.  Tied up the Gladiolis and the Hollyhocks and Foxgloves.  I seem to have Foxgloves all over the garden this year and they have all been different colours.  I need to check what seeds I have that can be sown now.  I have sown my wallflower and Sweet William.

I noticed also that the poppies  I cut back earlier in the summer are putting on a second growth of flowers - wonder if they will survive and flower.   My begonias, sedum and dahlias coming into bloom and colouring nicely. 

Went to Sandwick this afternoon to a Car Boot in the Shed at Broonies Taing.  Managed to buy some plants and bannocks.   My friend got some bits and pieces to collect.   It was a good Car Boot with lots of new as well as old stuff - loads of folk, some I had not seen for a while.

Snowy sitting practically on top of the laptop!   Think he wants some attention.  He has been out nearly all day today - running about the garden - frightening the birds as usual.   Should be tired out now - might give me a longer lie in the morning.  

Bought a new mattress yesterday so that is to be delivered on Tuesday.   The walking has gone well this weekend as the weather has been so good.   Been the whole way around the loch.

Some photos - mainly of Snowy

 Sleepy Boy
 I am the King as I have Dads seat!
 Sante Potatoes grown in bag
 My Sedum beginning to colour up.
 Snowy cuddles for mum
 Sante Potatoes grown in ground - some garlic and an onion
 Young Oystercatccher at Clickimin Loch yesterday
Sleeping on Dad's knee  - it 's not very comfortable!

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