Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A lovely ending to September

We have just had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh with family specifically at our niece Erika's 40th Birthday Party.  Victors big sister from Canada surprised us all!  A lot of catching up has been done by us all, we hadn't seen our nephew Darren either for about 5 years.  

We also went to the National Museum of Scotland which is marvellous.   Also visited Edinburgh Castle, got sunburned.   Weather good mostly but we got rain on Saturday night and Sunday morning was a bit dreich for a while but cleared up to a better afternoon.   Ate lots of lovely food and drank - well I will leave that to everyone to surmise.   Did not have any hangovers only tired!

Weather fairly good before we left - tidying in garden or tidying out cupboards in the house.   Need to lift the rest of my potatoes and onions etc.   Did sow some seeds in readiness for next year in pots - so weather will have helped.  Bit cool today to work in garden not sure I will get out the rest of the week as forecast seems to be bad.   Fingers crossed I get a decent day before going back to work.

Snowy delighted we are home - not much peace today as he keeps coming looking for loves.

Some Photos:

oops not working!

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