Thursday, 6 October 2011

A bit of hard grafting today

Now that I have caught up with the housework, washing and ironing, cleaned out some cupboards, due to the weather I have finally been in the garden!.

Picked my Rooster potatoes from 3 bags, lifted my onions and garlic, and also lifted some carrots and picked some peas.   Quite pleased with all the crops.   Did some weeding and tidying.   Was going to do more this afternoon but got caught in heavy showers - came in and now the sun is shining.   I still have 2 bags of potatoes, some carrots and peas to pick yet.  The Neeps were poor, red onions too small will buy seed next year,  given up on the shallots and binned the tomatoes from the greenhouse.  The ones in the house are still fruiting at great speed.

 Chilean Lantern Tree - see the red flowers/fruits?
 Isn't the sedum just glorious - attracting bees and butterflies
 Gladiolis looking lovely but have had a bit of a battering since
 Asters from seed - not bad
 Pots at front of house - still looking lovely
 Carrots, Peas, Garlic and a lonely shallot
 My Rooster Potatoes quite chuffed with crop
 Onions and some garlic
The back area - still some colour.
Still got some work to do yet - need to cut back fuschias and lift the King Edward Potatoes - some pots to be emptied so hopefully a bit of nice weather over the next few days.  Hollyhocks, Foxgloves still flowering away.  I would like to re-organise some of the garden next year.

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