Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Oh for some better weather!

Weekend was so wet we didn't do anything.  Had a wonderful evening at the 2016 Jarl Squad night - good fun.   Sunday feeling a bit tired and it was so miserable we did not bother going to Scalloway.  It came a better afternoon yesterday so went out to Scalloway Museum, excellent and last night we went to the Fire Festival it was really good - met lots of folk but my pictures were rubbish - not close enough.

Today we went and got our wristbands for the concerts at the weekend and had a wander around the harbour - this is before the Tall Ships arrive - only 2 had arrived when we were at the pier.   All the visiting yachts will have to be moved to various pontoons.

 Completely flowered now and the lower flowers beginning to die off - I will need to check and see care and maintenance of this bulb over the winter as I have been rather proud of it.
 The Galley that was burnt last night at Scalloway - the torches were thrown into it and it was launched into the sea.  I was not close enough nor had a good camera to get any good shots of the burning.
 The Esprit - Tall ship in Scalloway port but notice the rainbow reflected in the water - I like this one - didnt realise I had got the rainbow and I was driving!
 The procession - too many folk to get pictures.
 The Marco Polo in Lerwick Harbour today
 The first Tall Ship in Lerwick the Auno
 The Marina Cruise Ship in Lerwick today
 Yachts in the small boat harbour
The new temporary pontoon for visiting yachts.

To anyone who is not in Shetland remember and check out the Shetland Webcams on the Visit Shetland Website and the Tall Ships website for updates if you are interested.

I will say goodbye until probably Monday now - and then again I might get time to upload some photos over the weekend.

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