Saturday, 9 July 2011

Snowy and Rain!

Snowy has been having a time of it.   He caught a starling on Thursday night which he promptly killed and then played with.  Victor disposed of it.  Then he went out again and got into a fight with someone - came in covered in coal dust, closed eye, bloodied leg and 4 - 6 claw marks.  Took him to the vets on Friday night for an antibiotic injection.  Still feeling a bit sorry for himself and not his usual bouncy, chatty boy.

No gardening today - wet but very humid.   Did put a washing out but no drought. Been very heavy rain overnight and thunder and lightening! Tomatoes are growing at speed even got some fruits so quite delighted.

Having problems again trying to add photos - here goes - this is my Scilla Peruvian - in fact today there is more flowers out so will take a photo when all the flowers are in bloom - it is beautiful.

 The crow - tightrope walking along the fence to get the bird ball - he did get some of it!
 My foxgloves they seem to be everywhere in the garden this year.
 My hedgehog on Friday night feeding under the bird feeder.
 Daisy Daisy
 Foxglove support in the fuschia bush
My rosa rogossa!

Better go now as Causlty is coming on - not won a penny on the Lotto or Euromillions but got £5 in the Thunderball - oh well have to keep dreaming! 

Dont think the weather is going to be much better tomorrow - I cut the grass on Thursday - it will be growing again!

Have a lovely weekend all!

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