Saturday, 2 July 2011

Where has the sun gone?

Typical looking forward to a day of sunshine and working in the garden - instead it is dull.  Cool too when in the wind.   Not too bad at back of house so concentrated on planting some alpines I bought yesterday - sorted out my tomatoes - tidied my shed a bit and I was going to paint my bench - finally found the paint but could not find a brush - I am sure there are brushes in the house somewhere.   Victor will know where - so that will be a job for tomorrow.

I noticed today that the Sicilia Peruvian is beginning to flower, will take a photo when it is in full bloom - looks lovely.

I spoke too soon regarding Snowy - he managed to catch a Starling yesterday and brought it home to Victor.  He managed to chase Snowy and catch out the door.   He then proceeded to eat and then was sick.   Snowy even stayed out all night last night.   Tired boy today.

On 12th day of no smoking - it is very hard but I am determined.  Yesterday was a bad day, but today has been better.  Got a different set of patches to try tomorrow as I am having a terrible time with these.   Very sensitive skin.

The judges were in my garden last night for the garden competition.  No word yet - no chance!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day

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