Sunday, 17 April 2011

A cool day 17-4-2011

Just back from a short trip to Huntly to see my folks.  Had a lovely time - even managed some shopping - just realised I dont like crowds anymore - and the heat in those shops.   My Auntie also came to see me and we went out for a Bar Supper at the Gordon Arms Hotel in Huntly - lovely food.

Took the train from Aberdeen to Huntly.  I love travelling at this time of the year as the trees are not yet in full leaf and you can see the beauty of the countryside.  Nature is wonderful. 

Lovely weather south - warm.  Felt the cold when I stepped off the plane and had to put my jacket on again.

Been out in the garden today.  Mum gave me some little spring plants from her garden.  She doesn't have a big bit in fact she has cut back on the border at the front as she is not so able to care for it. 

 Mum & Dad with Pusscat

 Ariculas in my garden
 A Bergenia surrounded by daffodils
I realise that I get my love of gardening from my Mum and from my late Uncle Sandy.  My Granny also taught me a lot about gardening when I was small.   I always had a bit of garden at the side of the house where I grew plants.

Off for Easter next weekend so it will be the Tattie & Vegetable planting weather permitting.   My seeds in my mini greenhouse are coming through - success so far!!

Its cool out here today but not too unpleasant.

Have been trying to add a ClustrMap but I am defeated with that one.  If anyone can help feel free to give me tips.  If you have any comments please post them - thanks.

Just cut my grass - better day the sun is shining- a bright bright smile.   Oh I do love the sun.


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