Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunny Shetland

27 April 2011

A glorious day again today.  Still a bit of wind which is cool at times.   Just been and watered my vegetables as I noticed that they were beginning to dry out.   Will have to fleece everything tonight.   There seemingly was frost in Whiteness this morning early on - my car had dew on it so perhaps there had been frost.

Garden is just blooming just now, the Tulips are now beginning to flower too - some nice new ones that I bought and planted last year are flowering.   I notice the Batchelors Button also flowering.

Snowy's scab came off his wound and he kept licking it last night - but it seems okay today.  He is loving the fine weather running around the garden - chasing the birds - not catching thank goodness. 

He was up early this morning purring at 4 am.  OOOH.  Then the birds started singing.  It always amuses me the starlings have such an array of sounds.  We have one which seems to be whistling.   I am going to sit out the back and see if I can identify them.

The blackbird was singing away in next doors garden tonight too.

 I sowed Emilia & Honesty in this pot last year so I think that this is Honesty - might be wrong!
 An unusual cream Aricula - will need to try and get a better photo

A skulking Snowy in amongst the pots

Better go and get the tea on. One more day at work and the its a 3 day weekend. Yahoo. 

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