Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Day

29 April 2011

Woken at 06:00 am as usual with Snowy wanting his food. Fed & watered him and let him out went back to bed.  It looks like a promising day.  Finally got out of bed at 8'sh to let a miaowing Snowy in.

Television on its Wills & Kates wedding day.   Washing on, windows cleaned, washing hung out, next load on new curtains and nets up in windows and sat down to watched the church ceremony, tears. Saw those 2 kisses.  Wasn't she beautiful.   They are so together.  Kept sitting out with a cup of tea every now and then. Listening to the strange sounds the Starlings make and mimic.  Found the starling that has been coming around now for about 2 years at least.  Mimics a mobile phone - a cockatiel  called Henry and barks as well!!

Snowy in and out fearlessly trying to catch birds but no luck.

After the wonderful wedding I then spent the afternoon weeding and tidying in the garden.

Hubby did the shopping.   As you can see I actually sat and enjoyed reading the newspaper whilst having a snack.  Snowy loves cheese.  He has had 2 sleeps today and is absolutely shattered tonight.

 Oops Victor's photo taking is not very flattering - note the Tulips are coming out and see my Mini Green house is still standing!
 A loving look from Snowy - Cheese please mum!
 There you are- a bit of cheese!
 I am the king of the castle and I have got your chair!!!

Still begging!

I have definetly lost my lupins this winter but on a happier note I have found the delphiniums that I planted from seed last year  have grown - surprise.

Must go and  get some sun burn cream on - looking forward tomorrow to another lovely day.

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