Monday, 25 April 2011

Its cool outside

25 April 2011

Had a very lazy Sunday catching up on reading. I am reading Monica McInerney's" At Home with the Templetons".  She is an Australian writer and I have read a couple of her other books.  Going to try and finish the book today.

Went for a tour around the countryside, Tingwall Valley, Scalloway, Whiteness and Kergord. Saw loads of lambs, Swans at Tingwall Loch, Snipe, Oystercatchers, but as usual did not take any photographs.

Been out in the garden buts its cold even though it is dry.  It is quite deceptive.  Mind you it is generally cold at the top of the hill.   Just planted the rest of the garlic cloves and sown Red Onion, Carrots Nante , Baby Carrots, Lambs Lettuce Elan and Spring Onion all in pots or a bag.

Will cover with fleece tonight.   I see I have had a visit from a hedgehog over night.  I will need to look for him/her tonight.

Snowy has been licking his scab and it looks a bit sore but can't see any infection. Victor had fed him before he left for work but I still got woken at 7.30 am by Snowy purring and combing my hair with his claws.   It certainly wakens you up quickly.

Better go and do some housework and go and do some shopping.  Intend to have a lazy day, back to work tomorrow.

Just been trying to identify my daffodils and have at least 15 varieties. 

Managed to finish my book and start on another one.   Being very lazy today.   Its a very deceptive day - lovely sunshine but that wind is cool.  

Snowy's pal just been around.  Dont know whose cat she is but she has a cut off tail.   She can be friendly but generally she is looking for food.

Will need to get the hose out later and water. Chuffed I have 32 followers.

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