Saturday, 30 April 2011

Another beautiful day

30 April 2011

Another beautiful day.  Although its clouded over a bit now in the afternoon.   Spent the morning sowing seeds in pots.  All flowers.  These are the ones that I can chance - but I will fleece them over  later.  Will also need to water later on in the evening.

What a beautiful sunset it was last night - but I did not take a photo.  Next time!

Bought 3 dianthus today.  I just love dianthus it is one of my favorite flowers.  Most of the tulips are blooming today and I notice my Lily of the Valley is also flowering - I love its perfume.

Some of my pots of bulbs did not do well this year.  These were some from 2 years ago - so will plant the bulbs in the bank amongst the grass in the corner or in the soil next to the fuschia bushes.   I hate throwing away anything. 

Snowy has been helping me all morning.  Attempted a few times to chase the birds.   His friend was around earlier in the morning, so he went off with her for a while.

The Wheatears are in the hill and I heard and saw a Tirrick at the pier today.  Mr & Mrs JJ ( our Herring Gulls) are shouting for food.  

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