Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cooler day - 23rd April

Managed to get a longer sleep this morning - Victor fed Snowy so he did not waken me.  Mind you the head was a little tired after night out last night.  Had a lovely meal in the Golden Coach and a few drinks for our Anniversary.

All sorted now - spent a couple of hours in the garden - fairly clears the head.  Planted 2 rows of Peas Lincoln and Little Marvel - 1 Row of Garlic Cloves and 1 row of Sante Potatoes.

Still not put in my carrots, salad leaves or spring onions yet  but there is tomorrow or Monday to do that, weather permitting of course.  I am a fair weather gardener.

Snowy ran around the garden all morning and tired himself out.  Currently giving me big bosies.  Head to head buts - purring loudly  but still half asleep!
 Tulips and daffodils in a pot
 More tulips
 Nearly all the daffodils are in bloom now.   I picked some for the house today and did not realise how many different types I have.   I will need to see if I can name them all.
 My Peas, Garlic & Sante Potatoes
 My Tatties that I planted yesterday
 I see my dicentra is beginnig to grow in the middle of the daffodils
Different types of daffodils & the Poppies.

I seem to have lost both my lupins over the winter.   I bought a new one last year but neither seem to be looking healthy this year. In fact no sign of any growth.

The Starlings and the Sparrows are busy feeding on the feeders.  They seem to be going through the feed balls and seed at speed.

Bought compost from LBC  £5.10 for a 60 litre bag and good stuff!  I usually go to Harbro but spotted LBC had last week.

Looking at my picture taking - I will need to go to a photographic class in the winter.   I find it quite difficult to take photos with the digital camera when you cannot see what is on the screen when the sun is shining.

Listening to Raul Malo on CD just now.  We saw him at the Edmonton Folk Festival 2 years ago and he was fantastic.   In fact I would love to go to that Folk Festival again. 

Will need to water everything later on.  Unless its going to rain - better check the weather out.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter.

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