Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Weather - its November not June!

14 June 2011

What a night of wind and rain.  The garden has had a fair blast and I am not sure if some of the flowers especially the poppies will survive. Pots were blown over but generall they seem to be okay.  Managed to get my Tomatoes repotted on Sunday between rain showers.

Even the poor Herring Gull Chicks have been lost.  There is only one left today.   The three small ones have not survived and another has gone where there were the two of them.   Probably blown off last night in the gale and picked off by the Crows. 

Some new photos taken over the last few days.

 Ouriso & Creeping Jenny ( I think)

 Aquiligea - battered now!
 View from side of house - Shetland Catch
 View - looking over SBS Base, Shetland Catch and the Marina
 Poppies before wind
 Poppies after!
 New Zealand Daisy & Aquiligea after gale.
Snowy trying to catch the birds.

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