Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another nice day

Been busy in the garden - had a gorgeous day on Friday and I had the afternoon off so got my plants in and various bits and pieces done Lovely afternoon - had the suntan lotion on.  Still browning nicely.
Yesterday concentrated on housework and sat out for a little while in the afternoon.  This morning I have been weeding and tidying in the garden   Now I am tired out! Actually will need to water tonight especially the pots as they have dried out very quickly.

Boughts some alpines yesterday - still finding spaces.  Dianthus, Heather, Hypericum & Argyanthumcherry Red. Put these in pots today.The poppies are beginning to flower photos below. 

Snowy has been having a terrific time in the garden over the past 3 days.   He just loves being out stalking the birds or helping me.  

There is a sick Herring Gull sitting in the hill - cant seem to be able to fly and only has one leg. Lots of fledgling Sparrows but no Starlings as yet.  They are all feeding like mad on the bird balls - costing me a fortune. Think I now know where the Lark is nesting.

 My Neeps
 My Potatoes
 Copper Beech Tree which is about 20 years old!    Stunted growth at the top of the hill.
 Snowy enjoying the sun.  Bought him sun tan cream yesterday for his years.  He is clean here but he has been rolling in mould this afternoon and is a mess now!
 Cant remember the name of this shrub but it always gets lots of loves from cats - had it for years. At one point it was planted in the garden but the cats kept lying on it and breaking it so moved it into a pot.
 Nemesia & Pansies
 Snowy in amongst the Onions and the Shallotts
 The back area - not so colourful just now. Davids shed in the background.

A Pansy

The seeds I had planted in the greenhouse and had given up hope of ever coming and put in pots are all of a sudden all flourishing.   Still not got around to repotting my tomatoes today.

I was across at my friend Cathy's today.  They have just finished the balcony at the front of their house and it is impressive.  Sat out and had a cup of tea and a good chinwag as we normally do. 

There was a Cruise Liner in at Holmsgarth today - passengers certainly got a nice day.  Lots of liners visiting this year.  This last month it seemed to be all the ones that do the big expeditions to the Artic and Antarticia - Greenland, Iceland, Faroe, North Norway.   Exepnsive!  I love Shetland when its a beautiful day.

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