Sunday, 26 June 2011

Garden Competition

My neighbour has entered my garden in to the local Lerwick Community Council Garden competition as I have hers - so spent yesterday in the garden tidying, grass cutting, topping up my bags of potatoes, and weeding!  Still got a bit to go.  Judging is the 2nd July. Tied up my poppies and aquiligeas and planted some bedding plants.  Poppies have survived the wind.  Need to get out and do more weeding today.

I planted out my peas and changed the layout as Snowy keeps disturbing them - likes running and scattering the earth - he sort of ploughs into the soil!  Hopefully this will stop him and my peas will be able to grow.  I had a therapeutic day in the garden.    It all helps in the No Smoking.

The Shetland Bergen Race has been on so the harbour has been full of yachts - guess who keeps leaving their camera at home.  There are pictures on the Shetland-Bergen Race website.  They are due to sail at 11 this morning - might take a trip up the hill to see them. 
Sun is shining so need to get out there. Also able to see the yachts on the Shetland Webcams.

The Herring Gulls on the roof opposite my office seem to have all lost their young.  I was remarking to Victor that the pair in the hill have not had any young either.   A young blackbird is around at the moment.  Lots of young starlings and sparrows.

Started my Cross Stitch on Friday night.  Managed last night to sit still for longer!  Better get on.

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