Friday, 10 June 2011

A lovely day

10 June 2011

Its been a funny week of weather - at the beginning of the week it was cold verging on winter - rained for a while on Wednesday and now its lovely sunshine but still that cool wind. Mind you it has been snowing in Iceland and I saw on the news tonight in Snowdonia in Wales!

Certainly hoping to get in to the garden tomorrow.

It was our birthday on Tuesday and we had lots of facebook messages and cards.   I took some photographs out and about this week - I remembered to take the camera with me for a change. 

The baby Starlings have fledged and boy are they noisy.  Snowy has a place under the big Daisy as a hidey hole. Fingers crossed not caught anything yet.

 Yachts in the harbour
 The largest ship scheduled to call this year the Crown Princess
 The Crown Princess
 Silene grown from seed last year and beautiful this year
 There are 3 young Herring Gulls here on top of the window
There were 3 here and one has gone missing probably been taken by a crow - they are growing very quickly.   The other Herring Gull was actually off her nest today but I could not see the babies as they have a lot of grass in their nest.  The photos are taken from the skylight in our loft at the office.

You can just make out the nests in this picture.  If they fall - they fall on to the flat roof where they are picked off by crows.

I will take photographs next week of the Arctic Terns (Tirricks) and maybe some puffins if I go down to Sumburgh this weekend.  There are 2 Tirricks feeding in the harbour opposite my window at work.   They do sit around the pier so I will try and photograph them and post them on my blog.

I see my foxgloves are beginning to flower.  Grass Cutting and weeding tomorrow.  The cotton is growing in the hill.

Bi for now

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