Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weather gorgeous

Typical beautiful day yesterday and today and I am working.  Could not even get off for a couple hours as too much on.   Watered garden tonight and took some photos.   Snowy trying hard to not get wet.   He had a fight earlier on with one of the neighbours cats!  Still he is off out running around the garden catching beasties and flys.  Still trying to catch the birds - no success as yet.

 Just see Snowy lying in the hill amongst the Cotton.
 Not sure what this is - I know it is a bulb.
 Hirsutu ?
 Blue geranium - full of bees just now
 Foxglove getting help from the Fuschia Bush
 My New Zealand/Australian Daisy
 This is like a Primula but cant remember its name
 Lots of seeds ready for splitting and putting in the garden - but where?
 Garlic, Carrots, Red Onions doing well
Sicilia Peruvian  - planted in Spring.   Its got a Black like globe - I think it grows bigger than this.

My tomatoes are getting huge.  I have put the 2 largest in the Mini Greenhouse and the bushy one is in the Kitchen window.  They are all flowering well - hopefully get a good crop.   I also notice that the young raspberry plants that I bought are also fruiting.

This was a huge moth that we saw on the daisy last night - dont know what type it is.
Hedgehog visiting every evening -seen a few times but not got a photo as yet.

Bi for now

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