Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back to reality!

Been in Aberdeen for the weekend.  Had a lovely time meeting up with friends and family and went to see We Will Rock You - absolutely brilliant.  We also went to see Pirates of the Carribbean in 3D that was good too - but not so sure about the 3D as there were bits you felt it did not work.  Good Film despite the critics panning it. Did some shopping.   Nothing for the garden though.

There has been no gardening this weekend obviously - and it was very hot in Shetland on Saturday - maybe I missed summer.  Our weather was good but rained heavily on Saturday in Aberdeen.   We were out in Huntly beside my Mum and Dad on Sunday and had a lovely lunch at the Forbes Arms Hotel in Rothiemay.   Ate lots of good food in Aberdeen.  Need to watch prices though.  In fact the Airport is expensive!   Flights delayed going South and coming back but we made it. 

 You aint going nowhere! Had to clean the suitcase before we left as he slept on it all night!  Oh yes the blanket on the bed I crocheted years ago  when I gave up knitting because of my sore neck.  Its either double or treble stitch.  I want to learn more stitches.
 The Theatre
 Union Terrace
 My poppies - they have survived - I am sure I did not have pale lilac ones last year but this diary will help me for next year.
 Just for Peggy - New Zealand/Australian Daisy - just coming into flower
 Tatties - need to bulk up with soil this weekend.
 Red Hot Pokers
Snowy showing off tonight! We have been loved to death since we came back!

We were staying in the Brentwood Hotel and its lovely - the rooms have all been decorated and are lovely.  Good value and dinner was lovely on our first night too. Staff very friendly.  In fact my old boss - first I had when I came to Shetland owns the Brentwood, Luigi Stucci and I spoke with him after 30 odd year - wow.

Back to work today and it is my first day of no smoking - I am going to give it a good go this time! That was one of my treats when I was away was to equip myself with a book on crochet and crochet hooks etc.   I have been crocheting tonight.  I used to when I was a child but cant remember all the stitches now so going re-acquaint myself.   I will keep you updated. Keep my hands busy!

I seemed to forget to take photographs when we were away especially when we were with friends and family - must have been enjoying myself too much.  A few below!

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