Saturday, 30 April 2011

Another beautiful day

30 April 2011

Another beautiful day.  Although its clouded over a bit now in the afternoon.   Spent the morning sowing seeds in pots.  All flowers.  These are the ones that I can chance - but I will fleece them over  later.  Will also need to water later on in the evening.

What a beautiful sunset it was last night - but I did not take a photo.  Next time!

Bought 3 dianthus today.  I just love dianthus it is one of my favorite flowers.  Most of the tulips are blooming today and I notice my Lily of the Valley is also flowering - I love its perfume.

Some of my pots of bulbs did not do well this year.  These were some from 2 years ago - so will plant the bulbs in the bank amongst the grass in the corner or in the soil next to the fuschia bushes.   I hate throwing away anything. 

Snowy has been helping me all morning.  Attempted a few times to chase the birds.   His friend was around earlier in the morning, so he went off with her for a while.

The Wheatears are in the hill and I heard and saw a Tirrick at the pier today.  Mr & Mrs JJ ( our Herring Gulls) are shouting for food.  

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Day

29 April 2011

Woken at 06:00 am as usual with Snowy wanting his food. Fed & watered him and let him out went back to bed.  It looks like a promising day.  Finally got out of bed at 8'sh to let a miaowing Snowy in.

Television on its Wills & Kates wedding day.   Washing on, windows cleaned, washing hung out, next load on new curtains and nets up in windows and sat down to watched the church ceremony, tears. Saw those 2 kisses.  Wasn't she beautiful.   They are so together.  Kept sitting out with a cup of tea every now and then. Listening to the strange sounds the Starlings make and mimic.  Found the starling that has been coming around now for about 2 years at least.  Mimics a mobile phone - a cockatiel  called Henry and barks as well!!

Snowy in and out fearlessly trying to catch birds but no luck.

After the wonderful wedding I then spent the afternoon weeding and tidying in the garden.

Hubby did the shopping.   As you can see I actually sat and enjoyed reading the newspaper whilst having a snack.  Snowy loves cheese.  He has had 2 sleeps today and is absolutely shattered tonight.

 Oops Victor's photo taking is not very flattering - note the Tulips are coming out and see my Mini Green house is still standing!
 A loving look from Snowy - Cheese please mum!
 There you are- a bit of cheese!
 I am the king of the castle and I have got your chair!!!

Still begging!

I have definetly lost my lupins this winter but on a happier note I have found the delphiniums that I planted from seed last year  have grown - surprise.

Must go and  get some sun burn cream on - looking forward tomorrow to another lovely day.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sunny Shetland

27 April 2011

A glorious day again today.  Still a bit of wind which is cool at times.   Just been and watered my vegetables as I noticed that they were beginning to dry out.   Will have to fleece everything tonight.   There seemingly was frost in Whiteness this morning early on - my car had dew on it so perhaps there had been frost.

Garden is just blooming just now, the Tulips are now beginning to flower too - some nice new ones that I bought and planted last year are flowering.   I notice the Batchelors Button also flowering.

Snowy's scab came off his wound and he kept licking it last night - but it seems okay today.  He is loving the fine weather running around the garden - chasing the birds - not catching thank goodness. 

He was up early this morning purring at 4 am.  OOOH.  Then the birds started singing.  It always amuses me the starlings have such an array of sounds.  We have one which seems to be whistling.   I am going to sit out the back and see if I can identify them.

The blackbird was singing away in next doors garden tonight too.

 I sowed Emilia & Honesty in this pot last year so I think that this is Honesty - might be wrong!
 An unusual cream Aricula - will need to try and get a better photo

A skulking Snowy in amongst the pots

Better go and get the tea on. One more day at work and the its a 3 day weekend. Yahoo. 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Its cool outside

25 April 2011

Had a very lazy Sunday catching up on reading. I am reading Monica McInerney's" At Home with the Templetons".  She is an Australian writer and I have read a couple of her other books.  Going to try and finish the book today.

Went for a tour around the countryside, Tingwall Valley, Scalloway, Whiteness and Kergord. Saw loads of lambs, Swans at Tingwall Loch, Snipe, Oystercatchers, but as usual did not take any photographs.

Been out in the garden buts its cold even though it is dry.  It is quite deceptive.  Mind you it is generally cold at the top of the hill.   Just planted the rest of the garlic cloves and sown Red Onion, Carrots Nante , Baby Carrots, Lambs Lettuce Elan and Spring Onion all in pots or a bag.

Will cover with fleece tonight.   I see I have had a visit from a hedgehog over night.  I will need to look for him/her tonight.

Snowy has been licking his scab and it looks a bit sore but can't see any infection. Victor had fed him before he left for work but I still got woken at 7.30 am by Snowy purring and combing my hair with his claws.   It certainly wakens you up quickly.

Better go and do some housework and go and do some shopping.  Intend to have a lazy day, back to work tomorrow.

Just been trying to identify my daffodils and have at least 15 varieties. 

Managed to finish my book and start on another one.   Being very lazy today.   Its a very deceptive day - lovely sunshine but that wind is cool.  

Snowy's pal just been around.  Dont know whose cat she is but she has a cut off tail.   She can be friendly but generally she is looking for food.

Will need to get the hose out later and water. Chuffed I have 32 followers.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cooler day - 23rd April

Managed to get a longer sleep this morning - Victor fed Snowy so he did not waken me.  Mind you the head was a little tired after night out last night.  Had a lovely meal in the Golden Coach and a few drinks for our Anniversary.

All sorted now - spent a couple of hours in the garden - fairly clears the head.  Planted 2 rows of Peas Lincoln and Little Marvel - 1 Row of Garlic Cloves and 1 row of Sante Potatoes.

Still not put in my carrots, salad leaves or spring onions yet  but there is tomorrow or Monday to do that, weather permitting of course.  I am a fair weather gardener.

Snowy ran around the garden all morning and tired himself out.  Currently giving me big bosies.  Head to head buts - purring loudly  but still half asleep!
 Tulips and daffodils in a pot
 More tulips
 Nearly all the daffodils are in bloom now.   I picked some for the house today and did not realise how many different types I have.   I will need to see if I can name them all.
 My Peas, Garlic & Sante Potatoes
 My Tatties that I planted yesterday
 I see my dicentra is beginnig to grow in the middle of the daffodils
Different types of daffodils & the Poppies.

I seem to have lost both my lupins over the winter.   I bought a new one last year but neither seem to be looking healthy this year. In fact no sign of any growth.

The Starlings and the Sparrows are busy feeding on the feeders.  They seem to be going through the feed balls and seed at speed.

Bought compost from LBC  £5.10 for a 60 litre bag and good stuff!  I usually go to Harbro but spotted LBC had last week.

Looking at my picture taking - I will need to go to a photographic class in the winter.   I find it quite difficult to take photos with the digital camera when you cannot see what is on the screen when the sun is shining.

Listening to Raul Malo on CD just now.  We saw him at the Edmonton Folk Festival 2 years ago and he was fantastic.   In fact I would love to go to that Folk Festival again. 

Will need to water everything later on.  Unless its going to rain - better check the weather out.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Oh my aching back! 21 April 2011

Just spent the morning in the garden,  now need a very hot shower or bath!  Planted Onions & Shallotts, and Potatoes.   Also moved foxgloves to the shady area next to the fuschia bushes.
Still have to plant more potatoes, peas, garlic and to buy Shetland Neeps.   Running out of room fast.

Potatoes this year are Sante, King Edward and Rooster.   These are all in bags.   I bought those big bags for Peas and Sweet Peas last year from Williamsons but I didn't get a good crop of Peas nor was my Sweet Peas very good - so have used these bags instead for Potatoes.

Onions are Stur BC and Shallotts are Golden Garnet.  Unfortunately I had left these in a plastic bag in the cupboard and some of them had rotted - so only about 10 Shallotts and 40 Onions.

I still have the plot to fill - think I will buy another 2 Potato Bags.  The Co-op and Tescos bags of compost are rubbish but are good for fillers with other compost.

I sowed more seeds yesterday in my greenhouse. The others are all through.

Its our Wedding anniversary today 28 years.    It was a lovely day like this too. I had a broken ankle.

Better get on and enjoy the day!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A host of Golden Daffodils 20 April 2011

Took a few photos tonight in the garden.  The daffodils are nearly all in full bloom.   Primroses, ariculas, pompoms, Bergenias all looking lovely.   Cant wait for the weekend and get out into the garden to plant.   The soil is warming up nicely.

 Lots of life popping up.
 Bergenia in centre
Tulips is pots beginning to flower.

The earlier tulips are now finished.  I love the colour of these primroses - 2 different purples/mauves?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A cool day 17-4-2011

Just back from a short trip to Huntly to see my folks.  Had a lovely time - even managed some shopping - just realised I dont like crowds anymore - and the heat in those shops.   My Auntie also came to see me and we went out for a Bar Supper at the Gordon Arms Hotel in Huntly - lovely food.

Took the train from Aberdeen to Huntly.  I love travelling at this time of the year as the trees are not yet in full leaf and you can see the beauty of the countryside.  Nature is wonderful. 

Lovely weather south - warm.  Felt the cold when I stepped off the plane and had to put my jacket on again.

Been out in the garden today.  Mum gave me some little spring plants from her garden.  She doesn't have a big bit in fact she has cut back on the border at the front as she is not so able to care for it. 

 Mum & Dad with Pusscat

 Ariculas in my garden
 A Bergenia surrounded by daffodils
I realise that I get my love of gardening from my Mum and from my late Uncle Sandy.  My Granny also taught me a lot about gardening when I was small.   I always had a bit of garden at the side of the house where I grew plants.

Off for Easter next weekend so it will be the Tattie & Vegetable planting weather permitting.   My seeds in my mini greenhouse are coming through - success so far!!

Its cool out here today but not too unpleasant.

Have been trying to add a ClustrMap but I am defeated with that one.  If anyone can help feel free to give me tips.  If you have any comments please post them - thanks.

Just cut my grass - better day the sun is shining- a bright bright smile.   Oh I do love the sun.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday 10 April

Spent some time in the garden yesterday planting seeds in trays and placed in the mini greenhouse.  - This is an experiment with seeds that can be grown out in the soil - but I have tried these before and they haven't grown so thought I would try something differently.  It might work.

Today I have been preparing my beds for my vegetables hoeing and weeding and covered in fleece to warm up the soil.  Hasn't it been a gorgeous day but still that chill in the wind at the top of the hill. My mum said it wa sreally warm in Huntly today!! Grrrr!

Note the three tier greenhouse!

This is going to be the onion, garlic and shallot plot.
Peas, turnips and I am not sure what else yet maybe some potatoes.

Snowy has survived his battle and no infection.  He spent most of the day in the garden yesterday - came in about 3 and flaked out for the rest of the night.    Been out and about a bit today had another run in with a neighbours cat but I intercepted! Still thinks he can catch the birds. He is such a funny boy.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Oh Dear & a Sunny Windy Day 8 April

Snowy went out this morning and came in battered and bruised and bits of black oil all over him. Obviously had a big fight with some cat in the neighbourhood.  He has spent the day feeling very sorry for himself.  Clumps of white fur all over the house.  Will have to hoover later.

Bought some polyanthus and pansies and planted up a pot .

Some of my daffodils have bloomed today - photograph before they get blasted.  Also a few other spring flowers looking good.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A dreech night & the Mini Greenhouse.

Finally managed to get the greenhouse set up on Sunday night with help of Hubby.   As you can see its plastic which is a problem in Shetland.   It will blow away, so I placed some heavy stones on it.   In the morning it was keeled over  so further stones were added. This then gave no room to put seed trays on the shelving.  We needed to come up with a solution to keep it upright and be able to put seed trays and pots in it.  I know I can hear everyone going why buy a plastic greenhouse but it was going cheap from a south garden firm.  Buy cheap pay dear!!! Thats me all over.

Anyway I thought on fishing weights but was advised that that could be expensive, then I thought of counter weights but husband - he of the knowledge said that would not work.   Inspiration hit me yesterday - what about a metal plate/sheet - that would stablise it and I could also be able to place plants on it.

A suitable piece has been found and was placed on the second shelf - which promptly broke because of the weight - so now I have a 3 Tier greenhouse - but its stable!!!

I did not know whether to laugh or cry.   Hurry up weather so that I can now get my seeds planted!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday 2nd April

Spent an hour in the garden this morning feeding and mulching my pots of bulbs and plants.  I have lots of pots.  I need 4 pairs of hands to put up the mini greenhouse so that will have to wait until Victor comes home.  Its a lovely day but it is a cool breeze especially up here at the back of the hill.    No shelter.

Noticed today that I have wallflower and polyanthus in flower. 

Bought 3 tomato plants yesterday.  This will be the third year I have attempted to grow tomatoes.  I am going try try again!  Also bought garlic cloves - never grown them before.   If any one has any tips please feel free and let me know the best way to either grow tomatoes or garlic cloves.

Sunday - The sun is shining

Going to head out - it feels cool but going to do some tidying and get my mini greenhouse set up.
Had a Dunnock and a Siskin in the garden yesterday.

Still trying to get to grips with this blogging.  I need to add stuff to my page - need to find someone to help.   Any tips?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

April 2011

It was hunt out the dandelions and the chickweed last weekend when the sun was shining.  Threw Poultry Pellets over all the ground, start the feeding. Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Iris, Pulmera all flowering.   Life is beginning to come back.  

I took a pile of photographs as below.  The bit near the fence where the birds feed is a bog in the winter.  I have about 5 springs in the garden as well as the water coming from the hill.   Problem is they dry out in the summer - if its dry!

Still a lot of dead stuff to remove but I like to leave until I am sure that frost and snow is past as this protects the new  growth.  Looking under the detritus there is lots of new growth.

I am always amazed at nature every year.  

No garden is complete without a white cat called Snowy!