Thursday, 7 April 2011

A dreech night & the Mini Greenhouse.

Finally managed to get the greenhouse set up on Sunday night with help of Hubby.   As you can see its plastic which is a problem in Shetland.   It will blow away, so I placed some heavy stones on it.   In the morning it was keeled over  so further stones were added. This then gave no room to put seed trays on the shelving.  We needed to come up with a solution to keep it upright and be able to put seed trays and pots in it.  I know I can hear everyone going why buy a plastic greenhouse but it was going cheap from a south garden firm.  Buy cheap pay dear!!! Thats me all over.

Anyway I thought on fishing weights but was advised that that could be expensive, then I thought of counter weights but husband - he of the knowledge said that would not work.   Inspiration hit me yesterday - what about a metal plate/sheet - that would stablise it and I could also be able to place plants on it.

A suitable piece has been found and was placed on the second shelf - which promptly broke because of the weight - so now I have a 3 Tier greenhouse - but its stable!!!

I did not know whether to laugh or cry.   Hurry up weather so that I can now get my seeds planted!

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