Friday, 3 February 2012

Up Helly Aa and the rest

Can't believe that the Lerwick Up Helly Aa has been and gone so quickly.   I am a Hostess at the TA Hall so it is a very busy time for us.  Victor is also in a squad but helps out too.  On Saturday we set up the hall, Monday afternoon & evening we make some sandwiches, and further organise the hall, some will be making soup and on Tuesday morning its the homebakes, savouries, softies and bannocks all to organise. At night from 08:30 - 08:00 (yes nearly 12 hours!)its  dancing, providing food and being a hostess to the various squads that visit all 47 of them and to all our guests in the hall. Wednesday is clean up!

This year the Guizer Jarl was David Nicolson and he stays next door to us. We were invited to the Bill presentation next door on Wednesday afternoon.  Then we went to the TA Mess where the Jarl Squad meets before they go on their way around the various pubs and clubs.  Still feeling very tired today - mind you having a head cold does not help.  I had no voice yesterday.

Not been much gardening or walking weather at all.   Can see the start of shoots in the garden - some things are beginning to pop up - I noticed a marigold still in flower yesterday!

I had a trip to Stirling University and I forgot to take my camera - it was so beautiful with the frost and snow and the trees were bare.  Also saw flocking Jackdaws from my Hotel room - in fact there were also Starlings and other birds flocking too - it was quite spectacular. I am off in March to Aviemore so might get some photos then!

No snow here as yet but cold - beautiful day today.

A mixture of photos:

 Snowy watching the pigeons on TV.   Still getting up to mischief but behaving just now.
 Blackbird in bush at Clickimin
 The TA Hall- set up and ready.
 The Bill
 The Galley - this was burnt
 Victors Squad
 Transvestite Tuesday
 Another squad doing their act
 The Torch & Galley Boys with the Bill Head outside the house

 The Torches
 Detail of the Jarl Squad suit- the fleeces are Icelandic Sheep.
 the shield and helmets
 Guizer Jarl - David Nicolson -the feathers are french cockerels and very soft.
Having a yarn in the TA Mess.

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