Sunday, 12 February 2012

February - sunshine?

Its been a really nice weekend - now its raining but managed to do lots of bits and pieces.

I had the cold last week and it is still lingering - got my voice back but sniffling again today.  We went out and about yesterday - saw a Haigrie ( Grey Heron in Weisdale Voe) - went to the Bonhoga Gallery to see the Dennis Coutts Exhibition - absolutely excellent.  These were all photographs he had taken during the 60's and they are pure social history - from fashion , buildings, transport and people.   I have only been in Shetland since 1975 but I was still able to pick out some faces - Victor of course could pick out more. 

I also bought my Rooster Seed Potatoes and a Grow your own veg box which has shallotts, garlic, onions red and white and 3 type of potatoes a bargain at £9.99 or so I think.   I have been planning today - as I also bought peas yesterday and realised today that I already have peas.   Oh well!  I just need to get cabbage plants as I have evrything else and also obviously bedding plants in the spring.

The garden is beginning to show signs of life - crocuses and snowdrops flowering:

Today I have been at the Shetland Museum at the Shetland Needleworkers beautiful patchworks, crosstitch, blackwork etc.   I did not take pictures but I might go back again as there was so much to see - some of the quilts the details were incredible.     I then went for a walk around the waterfront.   Did not realise that there were names on the steps of the museum.

 The steps
 Shetland Boats
Shetland Museum.   

Scrumptious Shetland Lamb for dinner.  Exciting Rugby on TV just now.   Wales v Scotland.  

Snowy is fine - had a little spat with Tyson this afternoon but is now lying sleeping on the radiator.  Lots of Sparrows and Starlings feeding in the garden.  Moved the feeders as it is so wet in the corner just now.   The Robin and the Blackbirds are still around too.

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