Friday, 24 February 2012

Its a windy day!

Oh its been windy today.   The Bressay Ferry was even stopped throughout the day.  Lots of boats in the harbour.  Its is Bressay & Cullivoe Up Helly Aa today.  

Was in bed all last week with the flu so been very quiet.   Had snow last weekend and was out and about taking some pictures.   The flowers in the garden are beginning to sprout - wish it was weather just to get something done - I need to cut the fuschia bushes but need a decent day.

Snowy is well.  For some unknown reason since we got the new TV he seems to hear things on it.  He is currently watching the One Show and its the wildlife bit with snakes?   Sometimes its voices that makes him look up and sometimes its just noises especially birds, whistles etc.   Bought him some new soft balls and he just loves them.   They bounce and he can also carry them around in his mouth.   He comes with them to us and we have to play. He is sleepy tonight as it was fish for tea yummy.

Some random photos of this last week:

 The robin.
 Sledging on the knab.
The blackbird scratching around in the snow.

Having thoughts on what we are going to do for Victors 60th might not be on the island.

Car goes in for service and MOT on Monday so fingers crossed.  New brakes and a tyre already on.

A glass off wine calls and I need to get back and finish my jigsaw.   Started one last Saturday when it was snowing and been working on it all week.   It was one that my mum gave me for Christmas.   Still puddling away with crocheting.


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