Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Spring?

This weather is weird - calm and mild one day - galeforce wind next.   Mind you did see some sunshine this week which always brightens everyone up.   Folk even smile.  I always wonder what other conversation we would have with strangers if it was not for the weather.

I actually spent some time in the garden today - overcast but mild and calm and cut back 2 of my fuschia bushes - another 2 possibly 3 to go.  These have been growing for probably near 29 years so the trunks are fairly thick - but they are old and getting a bit too tall. My washing keeps getting caught up in them.   Now I have cut them down to about 2 feet from the ground.   They will live up - there is plenty growth and I am going to try and keep them at this level.

Fairly busy at work just now and I am off south this week and next week.  Aberdeen and Aviemore.  Looking forward to Aviemore.  Aberdeen is a day trip no time for shopping except at the airport.  

Trying to look to do something for Victors 60th.  We thought of London and the Queens Diamond Jubilee but very expensive for 4 nights.   Might just do a couple of days in Aberdeen instead, and go for a sunny holiday later in the year.

There is a big crane at Peterson SBS Base just now and it is one of the largest that has been in Shetland.  Photos below.

Crocuses, Iris,daffodils, Anemones and Snowdrops all blooming.   Each day brings new flowers.

 Fantastic Quilts at the Museum. I have been twice now and I am still in awe - lots of hard work.
 Some of my favourites.

 This is my work of art - my jigsaw!
 Snowy loves shoes - these were new ones that I bought yesrerday so he has to give them loves and sit in them!
 The big clean!
 Swans on Clickimin Loch
 This tub got a bit of a battering yesterday in the wind.

The big crane at Peterson SBS - see the reels in the background.

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