Friday, 16 March 2012

I spied a Red Squirrel!

I have been south a couple times with work this last week in Aberdeen and Aviemore but little time for shopping.   I did manage to buy some gardening stuff in Homebase in Inverness - they had loads of plants I would have loved to have taken home with me but unfortuately I was flying.  I am hoping to get in to the garden this weekend weather permitting.   I started cutting back my Fuschia bushes a couple of weeks ago so need to carry on and do the rest.

The Red Squirrel was of course not in Shetland but in Aviemore outside my bedroom window.  I tried to get a photo without disturbing but my camera is not very good. The weather was lovely in Aviemore as it was the previous week in Aberdeen.  Its been a bit mixed here.

Missed the Northern Lights again last night! Drat.

The garden is really beginningto spurt into life.  Lots of green leaves coming through and plenty of bulbs are now flowering, irises, crocus, tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and anemones.  These are all in pots but the bulbs in the garden are also coming on in leaps and bounds.

Still looking at a mini greenhouse or a coldframe - not found anything that I like or within price range yet.

The Lark is here too - Spring is around the corner.  Its been sunshine , showers and hail today aturday.

 Aberdeen Harbour
 SEPA Aberdeen Office
 A 500 piece Jigsaw I have done
 Snowy helping on the laptop
 A lovely daffodil
 Life in the garden
 A sleeping Snowy - Looks like he is sucking his paw
 The Red Squirrel in Aviemore
 A very laid back Snowy
The Red Squirrel and of course trees!!!!

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