Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A frustrating weather weekend

31 May 2011

Cant believe its the end of May already - where has this month disappeared too.  Still got lots to plant and sow.  Managed a few in and out trips to the garden between the rain showers over the weekend.  Planted some pots and still have some plants sitting waiting to be cherished.

Managed to get the grass cut - started strimming yesterday but it was too wet, but managed to get the grass cut tonight - lovely after work.  Now I have a grass rash on my arm.

Been beautiful today the 'Fram' cruise liner was in port at the Victoria Pier.  Tomorrow there are three liners in - bet it rains!  Friday seems to be the best forecast for the week.

The Herring Gulls which nest opposite my office on the window roofs have all been sitting on eggs.  1 Couple have produced 3 chicks over the weekend the other 2 are still sitting. 2 Couple are nesting on peaked windows.  This must be about the 4th year they have all nested, so its aways will they wont they survive as they are so precarious.  Will try and get a photo but they are a bit too far away for my wee camera.   Lots of fledgling sparrows around in the garden too which Snowy has been trying to capture - evaded so far!

The Tirricks or Arctic Terns are busy feeding in the harbour .  I have a wonderful view from my office window over the harbour so see lots of wildlife. 

Now that the Daffodils and Tulips have finished and dying back beginning to see other flowers beginning to bloom.   Will take photos over the weekend.

Hedgehog alert - saw one in the garden again over the weekend.   Snowy had a quick nose - to - nose but backed off.  He was trying to catch a bumble bee today.   Some Shetland Bumble Bees in the garden as well as Red Admiral butterflies.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a  good weekend

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