Sunday, 15 May 2011

Appraising the seedlings

15 May 2011

Spent a little time in the garden yesterday between the showers potting up some bedding plants.  Today I potted up some more and also looked at my seedlings.  Transplanted some into a bigger pot but left in the greenhouse.  Those that have not appeared and definetly probably will never appear I put them into a pot to see what would happen.  4 trays of nothing!

I sowed the poppies and the cornflower down the side beside the Foxgloves. I have also sown Swedes today.

The Tatties, Peas and all the seeds that I have planted are all coming through.  Praying no frost.

Been to Bixter today to their plant sale and bought some bedding plants and 2 geraniums.  I lost a couple of mine during winter - although I dont know yet where I am going to put them.  There is one next week at Voe - so may take a look along there too.

Its a nice day here - windy and had one sprinkling of rain.  Its cooler now in the afternoon than it was this morning.  At the head of Weisdale Voe there had been a lot of rain.

Forgot to take my camera with me.  The lambs are out in the fields and the baby ponies are just gorgeous.

Snowy has been running around in the garden trying to catch flies. 
Some new photos:

 Snowy with his Sheepskin Pad - he is now lying on it half and half. In the background is my old Teddy 'Sandra' who I have had since a baby.  She is a bit battered but still loved
 Batchelors Button
 Europaeus Trollus or Globe Flower
 Tulip 'Queensland'  - bit of Australia for my cousins!
 Dicentra and Azaela
 Think this is either a Rectus or a Ouriso
Life in the vegetable patch

I have mapped my garden and all the plants in it on a spreadsheet.  Some I still have to name.   Victor bought me the RHS books of flowers and gardening a couple of years ago so I am still browsing them.

I noticed that one of the Icelandic Willows has catkins on it.  They have taken well.  Need to go an repot my Tomato Plants and pinch out some of the tips.

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