Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nice Afternoon

11 May 2011

We did go for a tour on Sunday and visited the Vidlin Farmers Market where I purchased the said sheepskin pad for Snowy.  I spoil him.  Had a lovely tea, sandwiches and cake.   Next we went to Voe - where they were having a car boot sale - lots of sales tables and plants.  Just what I was looking for.  I ended up buying 2 Raspberry Plants Glen Clova.  I am going to keep them in pots for just now. Probably wont get any fruit this year.  

In the garden lots of flowers beginning to bloom and the daffodils and tulips beginning to pass.   Will take some photographs at the weekend.  The tatties are beginning to pop through and the onion seeds and the spring onions can be seen.  I think I may have planted the lettuce seeds to deep as they have not come through yet - but I have plenty seed to try again.  Must look at my carrotts in the pots too. 

The Sheepskin pad was given a lot of attention but only sniffing and not to sleep on.  Finally Victor laid it on the spare bed and that is where Snowy can be found sleeping in the evening cuddled up on my Sheepskin Pad so I do like it!  He loves the fine weather out and about in the garden - catching flies and still trying to catch the birds. 

I still have lots of flower seeds to put in pots and those in the mini greenhouse that have been successful to plant out - but will do that as the air gets warmer.  Still cool at night.   I nearly lost some in the mini - greenhouse as I forgot to water.  Need to look at my Mushrooms again.
The Tomato Plants in the windowsill are growing quickly and I will pot them on at the weekend.
Busy Busy.

I have taken off the fleece from the beds now - but not some of the pots.

I sowed some seeds tonight - these were a mixture of seed heads that I had picked last year - Poppies, Californian poopy and I included a packet of Morning Glory and put them in the ground next to the fuschia bushes.  I was sure that I collected Narsturtium seeds last year but I cant find the bag.

There is a Plant sale in Voe and one in Yell this weekend so I will have to decide which I am going to. 

Need to go and get the washing in as the fog is beginning to come in.

Just read a delightful book called Casper the Commuting Cat.  Fun and sadness but a lovely story.  Victor is now reading it!

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