Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New shrubs - where to plant?

I went to Voe on Sunday and bought 4 new shrubs/plants - now I have to wonder where I am going to plant them.  Might leave in pots this year and have a rethink next Spring. A corydalis, Hebe, Escalonia and Hyparicium.    Voe was very busy and people had been queuing to get in from 1;30 ( OPENED AT 2:00).  I had a lovely afternoon Tea.   One thing the country halls always do very well are the teas, sandwiches and cakes and all reasonably priced.

Not been weather to be in the garden this week. It has been a gale of wind and rain as well.  Plants battered but I am sure they will survive.  Picked up my pots and they all seem to be okay.  Most of my seeds in the pots are now through. 

One good thing is the Volcanic Ash will be good for the garden - all that minerals.

Snowy has finally caught a sparrow much to my disgust so I have moved the feeders.  That will thwart him maybe for a few days.  It was a small sparrow reckon last years young.

Some new photos

 Wallflower still going strong and smells wonderful

Laburnum - not flowered yet

 Saxafriga - white (also have pink)

Snowy's new hidey place to catch the birds.  Bird containers moved to further along where he cant reach - there is a fuschia bush in the way.  The yellow flower at the front is a Marsh Marigold.  London Pride taking over the Bird Bath.

Need to earth up my Potatoes this weekend - cut grass and do some weeding - weather permitting.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my Blog - any feed back appreciated.

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