Sunday, 8 May 2011

Its a cool weekend

8 May 2011

Its a cool windy but mainly dry weekend.  Friday was dreech, wet but helped in watering the garden.

Bought some bedding plants yesterday and put them in pots.  Still have seeds to put in not too many and turnip seeds to buy and sow.

Its going to be a lazy Sunday.  Might go to Voe for a look.  

Went to Tingwall Farmers Market yesterday.   One of the stalls had sheepskin mats for cats and dogs to lie on.   Did consider for Snowy but wondered whether he would actually sleep on it.  He has such a range of sleeping areas, bed, couch, chair, fleece blanket on back of couch, a black hat which is lying on the spare bed and is now white, an empty box in the spare bedroom, under the airer!. 

There are loads of Starlings and Sparrows in the garden feeding.   I am going through 3 large fat balls a day! Costly.   Also throwing seed out for them.

Need to go and sort out some financial paperwork.  The job I loathe doing.

Have a lovely day wherever you are.

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