Thursday, 5 May 2011

It looks like being a cool weekend

Had to water every night this week. The fleece has been on and off like a yoyo.  Did put the plants in that I bought at Whiteness on Sunday and I am hoping to go to Tingwall Market on Saturday.

My Garlic Cloves are coming through.

Some new photos

 A dead to the world Snowy

 Lovely colours of Tulips
 My cream Aricula

 Double headed daffodil
 Dicentra - growing at last.  I have tried to grow these for years and for the first time this one is now in its third year!
 Different colour tulips
Garlic Cloves just popping through!

The Wheatear keeps coming down near the house - will have to try and see if I can get a photo.  Not seen the hedgehog yet but definetly around.  The birds are frantically feeding from the Feed Balls.

Better go and do some useful thing like looking for cheaper Car Insurance!  Got a shock £200 more than last year so looking for a better deal.

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