Monday, 17 October 2011

Mid October

Weather interesting - lovely day yesterday and I did do some gardening in between being ill.   Had a temperature and sore stomach which ended with me  being sick half the night - so been in bed today.   At one point Thunder and it sounded like hail on the window woke me up throughout the morning.

Weekend did some more tidying and weeding.  Tesco's had taken their packs of winter pansies down to 50p so bought some and put them in the pots of bulbs.  Trying to decide what needs fleecing this year and what could actually go into my little greenhouse for protection. Need to get that done before we get snow! Also split some primroses.  I have a few pots of plants if anyone wants them that I have split.  They are sitting in a fish box at the front door.

Surprised at what colour there is still in the garden considering the poor summer.  Tomatoes still fruiting in Kitchen window and up to 9 tomatoes nearly ready! 

Snowy doing fine - seems to be managing to avoid his fighting partner! Still catching the odd Sparrow.

 Snowy in background- autumn/winter pansies and primroses
 Californian Poppy  very - late this year
 Rose still blooming
 Christmas Rose - that I bought recently
 Poppy flowering again!
 Gladiolis - lovely colours but getting battered now

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