Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gardening coming to an end

Been out today between showers emptying pots and tidying after the gales at the beginning of last week.   I was in Dingwall on Monday and Tuesday and when I rang Victor he had been busy rescuing pots and my greenhouse.   It is still standing up in the shed but I dont think it will be able to be put together again as too many of the bits have brocken in the gale.  I will just have to buy myself a decent one.

The gales certainly put paid to some of the autumn colours - the gladiolis, foxgloves and hollyhocks have all had a battering and I cut them down today.   The annual plants have all been generally bagged and the compost bin is full!

Time to start planning for next year.  Been buying the odd bits and pieces for Xmas - Cards Calendars and Crackers.   Victor bought my Christmas Present yesterday but I will not get it until Christmas.   It is something I have been wanting for a while, and we got a discount.  We looked at a new bed yesterday so we will just have to decide which one we are going to go for.

Snowy was in a big fight yesterday - just gone out the door when the fight happened.  He spent the rest of yesterday feeling sorry for himself.  Bit better today and he has been out and about.

Need to do some walking - not done much this week at all.   Still no smoking.  We had a night out on Friday night and I did not even think of it once.   Certainly chewed some gum!.

Some photos:

Still a little bit of colour - Tomatoes tasted good - still 4 to pick! Off for a walk after lunch.

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