Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Walking off the excess.

All this no smoking - I am eating too much and putting on weight so decided as gardening is nearly over for the year to start getting into a bit of walking. Had a walk around the pier and then after work a walk around Clickimin Loch. Need to start and pace myself otherwise my ankle will just get sore and I will be limping.  Then I did do some bits and pieces in the garden, tied my sedum up and picked a posy of flowers for the house. 

There was a lovely boat in the harbour today as well as the Statsrad Lemkuhl.   Tomatoes are actually beginning to fruit!  I need to take a photo of my plant in the house.  I counted 10 tomatoes in the greenhouse.   I now have 8 in the kitchen.

 Although it has been a bad summer it is always kinda sad when the last of the boats come in and leave.  Today the Port Authority were beginning to dismantle the Pontoons and walkways opposite my window.
 The lupin I bought at Whiteness & Weisdale earlier in the year.
 My lily
Outside the back door.
Better go and do some washing.  The Hurricane Katia seemed to miss us but other parts of Scotland and Northern England were affected.

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