Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Dark Nights

Last Sunday was a most gorgeous day although I had a very demanding cat who cried most of the morning because he could not get out and hated his collar.   On Monday night we took off the collar and the wound has healed well  .  He has been running around all week.  No fights so far this week.  

I spent a little time in the garden last Sunday but decided to enjoy the sun instead and sat out.  Through the week I have cut the grass and been deadheading.  Today has been a nice day but breezy.   Tidied up and put new earth and bonemeal in my bulb pots.  Potted up 5 new pot of bulbs and used the layering technique.  I have done that in the past but was reminded again when it was on the Beechgrove Garden the other night.  Tomatoes coming into their own - I have one large one in the kitchen which is starting to turn red but I can see another 6.  Cut back a lot of the leaves.   Been also putting the strawberry runners into pots.  My strawberries have not done well this year at all.   Had a few but in no great numbers.  My Peas at last have taken off and are looking good - even tasted one on Thursday.

The Potatoes feel as though they may be ready for picking so I will do that perhaps through the week and let everyone know if I have any decent yields.  I loosened the onions today - and some of the garlic. 

Been cutting Sweet Peas nearly every day as well as Marigolds.

We were at the Blues Festival last night at the Legion - what a brilliant night.  Some photos from the last week.

 The last of the large cuise ships on Thursday - The Discovery was in on Friday at Holmsgarth and the Statsraad Lemkhul due I think tomorrow.
 A Herring Gull feeding on a starfish - I watched it catch it and eat it.
 Swedish Fishermen gutting fish on the deck.
 The Blues Festival - Jam session at the end of the night with all the bands - it was brill!!
 I had a walk around the Clickimin Loch this afternoon and took this photo.  The Ward Hill, Bressay in the background.  Decided to do some walking and try and take the weight off.  I went to the OUtdoor Bowls last Sunday but have had a sore knee since.   Might try the indoor bowls next week.
A seal popping its head above water.

Hurricane Katia is due to hit us at the beginning of the weeks so its batten down the hatches.


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