Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Couple of nice September days

The walking is going well and now walking a 1 mile and a half most days - ankle holding out quite well considering.  I am now on the lowest of patches for no smoking and going to try and wean myself off the chewing gum.

Saturday started off nice but rained at lunchtime but Sunday was a lovely day - spent the morning in the garden potting up bedding plants, tying up plants and I even dug up one of my bags of Potatoes but I was disappointed with the size and the yield.  I tried growing these before and did not have a good yield.   Had some with Sunday lunch boiled and they were tasty.    Only one shallot survived.   Onions looking not to bad, Peas actually swelling in pods, carrots some good, spring onions not bad, neeps - slugs got to them, garlic cropping well, red onions dont think they will come to much and my tomatoes - wonder if they will ever ripen.  The one in the kitchen was beautiful but on cutting it open it had rotted - have a few more yet to ripen.  The little vine ones in the greenhouse have been okay but the plant is too large.

This is when I start thinking ahead to next summer and what I am going to grow - giving up on tomatoes or see if I can grow dwarf species.  Probably wont bother with neeps next year either. 

Had a wander around the Ideal Home Exhibition on Sunday afternoon - I was impressed with the Shetland Bed and the Shetland Wool Carpet.

Looking forward to some time off next week.   Will get more done in the garden if the weather is any good.   Its fairly getting cooler and dark evenings which I hate.

Today the Lerwick Port Authority were taking away the pontoons - definetly the last of summer.  The harbour always looks empty. Some pictures.  I repotted my laburnum using the old potato mould.

 Tomato Roma unfortunately it was rotten
 Potatoes Sante - bit of a poor crop and very small
 Winter bedding plant
 Still some Summer colour - emptied out some of my pots that had gone past it.
 Seeds in greenhouse -flowering
 The vine tomatoes which have been tasty but very few of them
 This is a thistle like plant but is yellow - I think it is a weed anyone help?

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